Fantasy Files: Vincent “Vega” Brown

I like to give players nicknames that have nothing to do with them. Right now my favorite is Vick “Mackey” Ballard who may become “fantasy useless” if the Colts sign Ahmad Bradshaw. That would punch a hole in the DLF dynasty mock team I’m drafting, but “they” don’t listen to me.

In redraft, if a player is injured and misses the season, you’re not keeping him on the roster. Like the captain of the high school football team, you dump and move on. In a dynasty league, you can be a little more patient. He broke his ankle last summer, and “wise” fantasy owners stashed him, hoping for a return. He never did, kind of like the San Diego offense.

This year he’s 100% and he’s looking to beat Malcom Floyd to win the “Z” starting receiver job opposite Danario Alexander. I bet he gets a start or two with my dynasty team this year, especially with the holdout twins Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz not blowing my skirt up this offseason.

While I consider my first dynasty mock draft, the DFW one, to be a practice run, the DLF one feels like a team that I’d like. We’re through eight rounds so far. The picks:

1.08: Ray Rice
LeSean McCoy was the dream, but he went at 1.07. Rice and Arian Foster feel like two guys in dynasty who may be closer to the end than the beginning of #1 RB usefulness.

2.05: David Wilson
Call this The Reach. I’m getting a bit of a C.J. Spiller vibe from him. I really need to do some research on running backs who got less than 100 carries their rookie year who became stars in year two and beyond.

3.08: Victor Cruz
I can’t stay away from this guy. He had a few fluky long touchdowns in 2011 and calmed down a bit in 2012, but still was a good starting fantasy receiver. Can the Giants give him and Nicks extensions? Contract, not hair.

4.05: Jordy Nelson
If he stays healthy, he’s a 60/1000/10 guy for the next three years.

5.08: Jason Witten
I was not afraid of players older than 30 in this draft. His 110-catch/3 TD ratio has to be some kind of record. Can I get a 90/6 this year?

6.05: Vick “Mackey” Ballard
Curse the summer draft if Ahmad Bradshaw signs. If that happens, Ballard becomes a spot starter at best.

7.08: T.Y. Hilton
I’m not worried about Heyward-Bey.

8.05: Peyton Manning
Ten QBs were off the board, and I could have waited. I just don’t like anyone enough at this point to take over getting a no-duh Top 5 QB for a year or two. I’ll have to grab a “youngun” QB shortly.

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