Fantasy Files: Win Matthew Berry’s New Book

There are a few milestones you reach as a fantasy football writer:

1. Write for a site
2. Get paid to write for a site (let me know, because I have a unicorn to sell you)
3. Write for at least three sites at once and know that there’s a 0% chance of content overlap
4. Join FSWA
5. Have someone ask you a WDIS question on Twitter
6. Hope that person didn’t see you asking another “real” expert a WDIS question 30 seconds ago
7. Appear on a podcast
8. Have trouble listening to your own voice on that podcast
9. Get into way too many leagues
10. Get copies of Matthew Berry’s new fantasy manifesto: FANTASY LIFE

I have procured a copy of his upcoming book for myself for review purposes, but the good news is I have two more copies to give away to my wonderful readers. That is, assuming you haven’t won the copies being given away by the amazing Nick Raduncanu or Micah James.

This is a simple contest. The book, as far as I can tell, goes into two of the main reasons why we play fantasy. One is to crush our friends/family/co-workers into dust. The second is for the stories and the experiences. I want your “bad beat” stories. Think CD Carter’s Michael Turner getting denied on mutiple goal-line carries with a championship of the line. Think in my local keeper league, in which a guy lost in the semifinals because Lawrence Tynes, the top-scoring kicker in 2012, missed a 30-yard kick.

E-mail your story to, because I’m guessing these tales of woe are going to take more than the Twitter maximum of 140 characters. I’ll take entries between now and Friday, look them over this weekend and announce a winner on Monday.

Yes, if I get to interview Matthew, I’ll ask “that” question. I’ll also ask him if he chose to drink a Bud Lite in his The League cameo.

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