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I’m going to create a post and keep it on the site so people can reference and figure out what’s happening in my writing/podcasting career. My fantasy/real football writing career since I got back in the game a few years ago has been like dating in my 20s. Some successes, spectacular failures, and most of the time having no idea what’s going on. Here are the gigs I’ve attempted since starting this blog:

Bleacher Report: She’s the gal I keep checking out on Facebook but never friending. I took an FC role, writing on the Titans, last February and wrote through August but decided I didn’t want to do it anymore as the regular season approached. It was my first exposure to “assignment writing” and I found out that I had less zeal for content when it wasn’t my idea. It might have helped a bit had I come up with more of my own ideas. In April, out of the blue, I got an offer to write for the draft, covering the Titans again. It was a hectic weekend but I was fine with the experience because I was paid and it was for a short stint of time. I don’t “miss” not seeing a lot of the draft because I was writing so much.

This week I received an offer to cover the team this fall. It’s a great opportunity for the career, assuming I have one. I weighed it and decided that I wanted my Sundays for myself, to write stream of consciousness tweets and blog posts as I choose. That and the wi-fi at LP Field is horrible and I’d have to stay (shudder) sober for the most part on Sundays. Interesting offer, good people that I’ve worked with there, but I passed.

Football.com: Just for the record, I don’t write there anymore. I’m not sure if I formally mentioned that. Every once in a while I get the bug to write regular fantasy football articles and this was a good opportunity. You need a little more self-assurance when writing for a new site, as things are a bit chaotic and you don’t know when, if ever, your work will see the light of day and if it will be out of date when it does. The site got rolling and I posted my weekly article and the role of “expert” felt poorly applied. Go to the average sports bar and strike up a conversation with the average dude sitting alone and I guarantee, you’ll be appalled at what they don’t know. Guess what. You’re obsessed. Oh wait, I’m talking about me. I decided that the site was no longer working out for me, as Homer once said, I want to give my full ass, not half of it, and gave my notice.

Podcasting: It has been months since my last podcast spot, so doing two recently was fun, although my ability to say “you know” and “like” still remain at All-Pro levels. How does one get on podcasts? As it turns out, there’s a bit of a hustle to that. Sometimes, you have to ask. I asked Micah, because I didn’t want him to feel like he was invading my “corner” by doing interviews and it’s a good show. I may be known for interviews, but I didn’t invent them. Other people can do them. I’m going to keep doing them “my way” and if that’s what people like, feedback will come. ┬áThe Pro Football Central fantasy interview came out of left field. I received a DM from the creator with an invitation to do a podcast. It was during my lunch break at work so I didn’t have any notes and felt a little unprepared for the sleeper question. I think I muddled through all right. I’ve found out that I like talking football and I’m actually pretty good at articulating my points. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. I’m in talks with one Nick Radacanu regarding doing a podcast version of the interviews. If we need to iron out the details, let’s say they are quite wrinkled at the moment.

So for now I’m trying to get the interviews rolling again, and they might come out like a kid who sneaks into the movie theatre and watches everything. I took a guest post with The Fake Football this week on the Titans and I’ll do something similar for Fantasy Trade 411 shortly. It turns out being the fan of a team with not a nation but a cul-de-sac of fans pays off when it’s time to find people who want to write about them. Also I’m finishing up book number two that should be on the virtual shelves by August. I want to “do right” by the interviewees and make sure that their latest endeavors are included.

I do have the review copy of the Matthew Berry book and will post a review when I’m done, probably by the weekend. And yes, I’m going to stalk him when he’s in Atlanta next Friday. If I have to yell at him while he walks by “did you choose to drink a Bud Lite during your The League guest appearance?” and call that an interview, so be it.




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