Fantasy Files: The Roarin’ River

Your draft or auction is the biggest event of the fantasy season, but it’s good to keep things in context. As the title suggests, the NFL season is a river of goings on. There are going to be hundreds of things happening at once for the next six months. When your draft or auction happens, and in my case, it will be a draft, it’s a snapshot of events that are in motion. I’m going to show a few picks I’ve made in mocks so far to display that.

The Redraft squared draft happened almost a month ago. The point of this league is to have a good enough team to “advance” after the first six weeks. Here are a couple of my picks that have looked a lot better or worse in the interim.


Rob Gronkowski: This was my one big risk in the draft. In mid-July his post-surgery condition was a mystery and four weeks later, it remains so. The Pats just signed a tight end, so that’s probably not a good sign for Gronk coming back in the preseason. At this point, no news isn’t good news. If he goes on PUP, I am probably SOL.

Coby Fleener: It probably would have been a good idea to take a backup tight end a bit earlier. Fleener looked good early, especially with Dwayne Allen out with an injury. Fleener missing a practice due to “concussion protocol” isn’t so good.

Kendall Wright: The Titans’ passing game is another mystery. Wright is not currently listed as a starter for the Titans. Many, including this writer, think he’ll be a starter by the end of the year but that might not be soon enough for my squad’s weeks one through six chances. I waited on WR and Wright was the second guy I took. He’s probably my WR4 a month later.

Golden Tate: When this draft happened, Percy Harvin had a nice, healthy hip, at least as far as we knew. One surgical procedure later, Tate is the Seahawks’ new number one receiver. While I don’t think he’s the kind of guy you want in your starting lineup every week, but in a best ball, he should be useful.

Just remember what when you draft, you’re acting on the best information on draft day. Things are going to happen that you can’t foresee. Don’t sweat it, have a good time, and be prepared for the craziness of another wonderful NFL season.

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