Fantasy Files: Deadline Pressure

It’s my fault. I’m the guy in my local keeper league who brings up things. I am the first person to bring up the draft so we can plan accordingly. I also bring up every bad pick every person in the league has ever made, and sometimes there is blowback. I asked about our keeper date, which was at the actual draft last year. I’d say out of the 36 total keepers that maybe three were a surprise. It’s not rocket science. Nobody thinks I’m keeping Knowshon Moreno over Trent Richardson.

I do have a QB that I’m trying to unload and with the keeper deadline approaching, I need to accelerate the negotiations. I’ve been talking with Mr. Funk since the Super Bowl it seems, offering him Colin Kaepernick and attempting to get as high a pick as possible. I was hoping for a third-rounder (three keepers so kind of like a sixth-rounder) but we’re stuck. I’m trying to get at least a fourth plus a “sweetener”. He has the ninth pick so the fourth-rounder is only six picks lower on the board.

I did get the FBG draft app running so I’ve finished my day the past four nights with a mock. I like that the draft has different scenarios, as the old Draft Dominator awarded the same players in the same order every time. This app does go easy on QBs and I doubt that if I wait, Tony Romo will be there at 5.11. At least I can try different things. Two days ago I did a mock in which I traded my 1.11 and 2.02 for the 1.01, which I used for CJ Spiller. Yeah, the guy who finished dead last had ADP and Spiller. Go figure.

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