Fantasy Files: Liz Loza and the Evolutionary Ray Guy

A few weeks ago, I chatted with Liz Loza, The FF Girl, via Skype. Due to personal nonsense, I was able to edit it last night. The interview was about three weeks ago but we’re still pretty up to date on a lot of the questions heading into the 2013 NFL season. We chat about her raising the perfect punter, childhood football indoctrination, the Chicago Bears, and my thoughts on the Tennessee Titans. Go to her site for the latest, including the Xs and Ys podcast, in which she will be returning as full-time co-host in a couple of weeks. Also, follow her on Twitter.

For the original interview with Liz and 49 other fantasy football experts, check out There Still Is No Offseason: Interviews 51-100 from the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert Series.



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