Fantasy Files: Sunday Thoughts

I’m going to be a little scattered, like hash browns at the Waffle House. You know there are a lot of hangovers going on in this state after the opening college Saturday and a frustrating loss by the Dawgs.

Regarding the concussion “settlement” between the NFL and the ex-players: We’re in an era in which the really rich have more power than any time since the Gilded Age. The deeper question is when it makes sense to settle, because some of the ex-players do need some form of compensation in the short term, and when to hold on and make the league disclose some of their possibly less thorough care of players with head injuries. In the short term, the league goes on and is more popular than ever, but the other side is the knowledge that this game’s heading down an uncertain path.

I’m on team Tynes, even if he was just dropped in every fantasy league in America. He was put on the non-football injury list by the Bucs, which means they’re paying him for 2013 which is good and he’ll keep getting medical attention for his MRSA. I wrote about my experience with staph earlier in the week.

This morning is time for some roster management in both of my leagues. In my dynasty league I must drop six players. Jawan Jamison got cut by the Washington squad so I can let him go. James-Michael Johnson, who I thought the Browns really liked, got cut too. Maybe he didn’t fit in the new 3-4, but you never know, they could switch back to the 4-3 next year.

I posted this to Twitter, but it can’t be underscored enough how much we are degenerates and do not care about our players’ actual feelings in fantasy. As I start looking at players to cut in my dynasty league, I’m hoping for opportunities to put guys on IR so I have fewer guys to cut. Is that why some guys end up on the real IR? I think the Titans put Marc Mariani on the IR just because he’s so beloved by the fan base and I think with four years of service he’s pension-eligible.

So Jamison, JMJ, and now Quanterus Smith, who I found out went on the IR, are officially off. I have to drop three more guys. I’m down to three DEs so Willie Young makes the cut. I will take Eric Olinger’s advice and let Casey Hayward go as he no longer lives by the rookie corner rule and I have Finnegan/Peanut/Mark Barron to start most weeks. I think I’ll cut the cord on Nick Kasa since I have Tony G, Heath Miller, Fred Davis, Julius Thomas and Taylor Thomopson. When it comes to tight ends, I’m going to be a hoarder.

Finally I’m dumping Gerald Hodges because he looked like a potential WLB for the Vikings but it looks like he’s third team.

For fun, I’ll set my first lineup of the year. Cam/Ray Rice/DeMarco Murray/Matt Forte/Hakeem Nicks/Victor Cruz/Kenbrell Thompkins (yeah, there’s your shocker)/Tony G/Greg the Leg/Charles Johnson/Mario Williams/Donald Butler/Justin Houston/Zach Brown/Finnegan/Peanut/Mark Barron.

This exercise is important, especially in deeper leagues, to show you where you’re comfortable and nervous as my good friend Don on draft day. My WR3’s going to be tough to gauge. At linebacker I have about six guys who are in that LB2/3 range and it’s going to be a matchup thing. I’m going to have to live through another year of uncertain health with Hakeem Nicks. If I have an injury at RB, which I did last year, it’s scramble time.

My keeper league is much easier. Arian Foster, Aaron Hernandez, and Alfred Morris have been previous waiver picks that have been good. The only RB add was Joique Bell and that was the Andre Brown owner. One guy swapped Michael Floyd for Greg Jennings. That’s one way to know your league. Because we only roster a total of 48 WRs, guys like Greg Jennings and Kenny Britt are on the wire. And we only have to start two (can flex).

I’ll start Mike Vick, Lamar Miller, Trent Richardson, Dez Bryant, Dwayne Bowe, Eddie Lacy, Jimmy Graham, the Bucs D and Greg the Leg. I am benching the Ravens against the Broncos even though they scored well in the playoff matchup. If your D faces the Jets or the Raiders, start them. I am tempted to start Cecil Shorts over Bowe but elsewhere I’m pretty good. The kicker/defense picks are going to be like flipping a coin. We want to believe that we have more influence over events than that, even if it’s not true.

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