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"I will say that the WR-WR strategy looking pretty good for those of you who tried it and took David Wilson in the 3rd"

Even after 100+ interviews, there are personalities that have fallen through the cracks. I noticed T, aka WHUDEY on Twitter, during his Fridays with T stories that were like listening to the tales of an alternate but entertaining universe. I participated in T’s initial #FFsummit and wanted to get to the bottom of this “Who Dey” thing with the Bengals.

How’d you get started at Fantasy Trade 411? Keeping it Real it’s kind of a long story. Two years ago I jumped on Twitter full time to get some much needed fantasy baseball advice as I was tired of all of the content I was reading wanted a breath of fresh air when it came to insight and stumbled upon @FantasyTrade411. At the time he had about only 20 followers and I considered him to be a “diamond in the rough” when it came to his fantasy philosophy and interaction with his followers. When fantasy football season came around I found myself helping out on a new fantasy sports podcast and asked X if he would come on and he agreed. The following year I was a bit unhappy with the direction of my fantasy writing/podcasting career
and Nick Raducanu had then started his own radio network and was looking for writers and graciously asked me to be one of the first writers and podcasters for the FantasyTrade411 site and the rest is history.

Tell the uninitiated about Perusing the Perimeter and why it’s a must-listen podcast. Well it all starts with the name. People often botch the enunciation of “Perusing” so I don’t think people understand the focus of the show. The title is all the explanation you need to know. In high school on the track team my senior year my sprinting coach Dan Dever after every race whether I won or lost would want to have a meeting to just to go over what I did well and what I didn’t do well. He called these “PP” meetings or “Perusing the Perimeter” meeting for short. I had never heard the phrase before in my life and asked him what it meant. With that is the whole base of the show I try and inform my listeners on a certain detail of every team not just a few select ones. A 90 minute or more weekly outside the box look at things during the fantasy baseball and fantasy football seasons and add in the kickass guests who come on and its must-listen material. Straight barbershop fantasy talk no filter, no bullshit, no fluff.

Who is “T” and why don’t you mess with him? My government name is Terrance Bridgett. But I go by “T” because it’s short and sweet. I’m an emotionally charged renegade who uses logic, guts, creativity to gain an advantage over my fantasy competition and provide unique analysis to my readers and listeners. It’s not really about why don’t you mess with me as more of what is it that I do or do not tolerate. I’m easily agitated and have (to a fault, although I am working on it daily) a temper so if I don’t like something I will let you know about it upfront. I have no time for bitches, punks, phonies, liars, and cheaters. You must earn my loyalty, trust, and respect plain and simple.

How’d you decide to start the Fantasy Football Summit and how much fun was the experience? I decided to start it because a good buddy of mine and great guy in the fantasy community in John Beckler II was visiting Cincinnati for a week back in May. Before he came down from Cleveland in planning for what we would do while he was here we brainstormed the idea to do something no one had done before bringing the topics from all the fantasy sports conventions to the masses and gathering some of the best minds and websites to take part. Had a little over a week to get it all prepared and trust me it was no picnic setting something like that up coordinating over 30 different callers over 3 nights (Part Deux was four nights) But overall meeting @JDBeckler and hanging out with him was awesome as originally the podcast was to feature just he and I. Once I get inspired to do something I didn’t want to half-ass it for my listeners and the community as a whole. The experience was kind of surreal in that I couldn’t believe the positive response from writers and players of fantasy football who gave it a listen and called in to the show. I think thought from a pure informational standpoint the #FFSummit was a huge success and can’t wait until next year to do it again with brand new topics and more fantasy writers and players.

Will Fridays with T return to the Twitterverse? Maybe from time to time but as a permanent fixture I don’t so. It just kinda caught fire in popularity to the point where other people created their own versions of a story time session (Not of Friday of course) after a while I just felt the fad had ran its course but I will drop a few stories over the season if I have time because I enjoy telling them and people love reading them (For some strange fucked up reason). I use my Friday Nights now to get my fantasy writing and podcasting work finished for the week.

Your favorite hash tag (besides #thedustyroad) is #HabitualLineSteppin. Why is it so easy for you to cross lines? First let me just say I would have to say my favorite hashtag is #GwenStefani(When something is Bananas), #MariskaHargitay(“The Love Guru” reference in where I bow like Arian Foster scoring a touchdown). I blame “Darkness” Charles Murphy for pointing it out it out to me one day shortly after I started calling him “Darkness” that I in fact am guilty of #HabitualLineSteppin. [Zach note: This is the first I’ve heard of That Murph being called Darkness. Opens up a whole new world.] It’s nothing that’s new just now it was given a hashtag. Why is it so easy to Line Step? Besides that fact that I am black and have great rhythm? My fantasy sports train of thought at its core is Linesteppin’ in itself. I say and do things that aren’t popular in the fantasy community and I have no desire to change to please the masses. Like I said before I am a renegade and am reminded of the lyric from the Jay-Z and Eminem Song “Never been a afraid to say what’s on my mind on any given time or day because I’m a renegade.”

As a non-Bengals fan, I have never understood the “Who Dey” chant. Can you explain it? “Who-Dey, Who-Dey, Who-Dey think going to beat them Bengals….? NOOOOOBODY!!!” is the battle cry and so when fans say “Who-Dey” just
abbreviating the jungle anthem. Fun Fact most fans have no idea we bit off of New Orleans and their “Who-dat” chant. [Zach note: I guess it went something like this: “You know that really dumb chant by that team that gets crushed every week (think pre-Payton Saints)? Let’s steal that.] Something that became popular back in the 1980’s when we had decent teams and it’s something that has just kind of stuck around. Obviously, we haven’t had many seasons the last 23 years to use the chant to the fullest but hopefully this year can be an exception. [Zach note: While I make fun of Who Dey and Who Dat, I kind of wish the Titans could come up with something besides stealing the 12th man from the Seahawks who stole it from Texas A&M.]

Have the Bengals put together their best team since their last Super Bowl? What you mean since 2005?? [Zach note: T refers to the Carson Palmer injury in the Steelers/Bengals wild card game from that year.] (Still very bitter as you can tell) To answer the question I like this team a lot and think they have the personnel to make a run for the Super Bowl. I’m a homer through and through and always have faith with when it comes to the hometown team. The atmosphere within the locker room and around the city is at a fever pitch and I think I speak for any die-hard fan when I say I’m excited to see where we stand come January.

Do you really like the tiger stripes on the uniform? Yes, although I want more…I wish our pants were all stripes or something, but the stripes are the best part! I love our Helmets!! Although I felt during our shittiest days in the 90’s and 2000’s felt they should have removed them from the helmet and make them earn their stripes. Also, would love a White tiger alternative uniform.

For 2013, who are some of the guys that you’re loving to take in fantasy drafts? Demaryius Thomas and Mark Ingram are on 90% of my fantasy teams. I have faith that Sean Payton returns and lets Mark Ingram loose. From a pure value standpoint and this is going to sound homerish but Andy Dalton is great value and in drafts where I find myself LRQBing he is my target. A guy who I have added to all my teams here recently is Quinton Patton could be a breakout Victor Cruz 2011 season in store for him.

Do you have a go-to beer for Sunday football watching? I do not drink much but when I have a drink for a Bengals victory my go-to would have to be Dos Equis Amber.

Does your wife/girlfriend/sig other have any issues with your football obsession? Yes, very much she hates that I like sports period. (Like I am not supposed to be a man or something) Oddly enough though since I started podcasting seriously and writing she has encouraged me in joining the FSWA and I often check with her on certain ideas I’m throwing around like the #FFSummit and other projects I have worked on in the past year. But as a stay at home dad I don’t watch much sports so she lets me at least have my Sunday uninterrupted and is at least non-judgmental about it now.

Football or sex: which do you think of more? My avi on twitter as you know is Katy Perry’s boobs so its sex, sex, sex. I love ass and breasts. I watch Lingerie Football because of ass and breasts. I watch women’s tennis because of ass and breasts. I think about sex often, watch porn, and follow a few porn stars/adult models on twitter. Yes, guilty as charged. I’m a man I really can’t help it. I may or may not have issues. If I could have sex and watch football every Sunday I would but I have learned from experience woman hate it when I try and do that. [Zach note: You do your best to multi-task.]

Where are you on the usual football Sunday? I assume there’s a man cave. No man cave just sitting on the couch in the Living Room with my family. Although, there are negations for a Man Cave makeover of the attic this winter.

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. As a stay-at-home dad it would have to be my daughter. My princess Parker Valentina is my world and when I’m not HabitualLineSteppin’ on twitter or setting daily fantasy lineups 95% of time I am with her trying to be the best father I can be. She is turning four this year and consider every moment with her extremely precious.

Which football writers are on your must-read list? Of course my boss Trader X headlines the list but there are so many to name. C.D Carter is an amazing writer. What @FantasyDouche has done with this offseason is remarkable work from that staff. The guys John and Josh do great work for daily fantasy degenerates. I really could go on and on because there is so many writers work I admire and consider must-read but there are fantastic writers on,,, DLF, and PFF as well.

Is there anything I failed to ask that you’d like to address? No is there anything you failed to ask? Just kidding, I would like to say that as much as a “dick” I may or may not seemed to be on twitter. I am a huge supporter of the greater good and events like the #FFHelpMadi movement this summer renewed my faith in the community that together we can accomplish great things and strive for all of us to continue to work towards enriching not just our followers but our
communities because we are capable of doing so much more than subtweeting and talking about chicks named Liz Frank.

Tell me about any plugs that you’d like. Sites, podcasts, projects, anything. Check out my daily fantasy Draftstreet work on The “Perusing the Perimeter” podcast can be found on Blogtalkradio or iTunes under the FantasyTrade411 Radio Network. I write for

Thanks to “T” for answering my questions, and leaving nothing on the field, so to speak. Follow him on Twitter and be entertained.

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