Fantasy Files: Real and Fake Wrap-Up

I’ll start with some Titans talk. For all of the discussion of the offensive line this offseason, I think they were somewhat sub-par in the opener against the Steelers. I believe it was PFF that had Jake Locker as the second-most frequently pressured QB from last week. The 2.7 yards per rush average is 28th in the league. This is a natural result from a run-first game plan, but the team’s 31st in passing yards. At least they’re 20th in yards per attempt. Perhaps this is a long way of saying the defense was the superior unit in the opener, and that’s a big shock for me.

The defense also held up the offense in the last good Titans’ season, the 2008 squad that earned home-field advantage. It’s quite a template. That team finished 27th in pass attempts and yards (2819 for the year), and 13 passing TDs for the entire season. The team finished 5th in rushing attempts, 7th in rushing yards, and 2nd in rushing touchdowns. That was back when CJFUk was scoring touchdowns, and LenDale White had 15 of his 24 career touchdowns that year.

Does the team have a chance in Hades in Houston? Of course it does, but the game plan will take a severe hit if the Texans are winning 13-0 in the second quarter. The team is galactically more talented at WR than that 2008 team, which featured the skills of Bo Scaife, Brandon Jones, Justin Gage (last guy to wear #12), and Justin McCareins. Jake Locker can be better than game manager extraordinare Kerry Collins.

It’s fantasy time. Due to funky waiver rules, I did not get my claim of Ahmad Bradshaw. I initially put a claim in for Bernard Pierce to replace Knowshon “Slowshon” Moreno. A guy dropped Bradshaw to pick up Fred Jackson, a short-sighted move if I’ve ever seen one. I put my Bradshaw claim over my Pierce claim, and I had the #1 waiver spot. Because Bradshaw went on waivers a day later, I got Pierce and my waiver spot moved down to #11 and another guy got Bradshaw the day after the Ballard injury news. I couldn’t depend on my entire league not seeing that injury. So, in week 2 I play my nemesis, OBL. He won last week and I was edged out by 73 points. My lineup should look like the following:

QB: Mike Vick (I heard nothing about the limping he did at the end of the MNF game; can’t bench against the Chargers)
RB: T-Rich, Eddie Lacy (I believe I have found my RB duo)
WR: Dez Bryant, Cecil Shorts (Dez injury would devastate me and Henne likes Shorts)
Flex: Mike Williams (a little worried because if he doesn’t score a TD, he’s usually a bust)
TE: Golden Graham (step it up)
K: Greg the Leg
D: Ravens

Dad has Brees, Sproles, Jamaal Charles, Wes Welker, Vincent Jackson, Witten, Hartline (I know the sorry of starting him the week after his 2012 breakout), Gould, Bengals D. Yikes.

In the dynasty league, I’m matched up with Ben Whibbley aka Whibberz. It’s my first international matchup against the strong Brit. I defeated him in Week 12 last year thanks to the Monday Night Miracle when I got more than 69 combined points from Cam Newton and Bryce Brown to defeat Ben by 1.18 points. I made the playoffs and Ben did not. Here we go with the Week 2 lineup:

QB: Cam (Until you prove me wrong, again)
RB: Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Ray Rice
WR: Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz (3 tds a week too much to ask for?)
TE: Tony G, Julius Thomas (as my flex)
K: Greg the Leg
DL: Jurrell Casey, Charles Johnson
LB: Zach Brown, Donald Butler, Justin Houston (Butler’s going to be on the field all day)
DB: Cortland Finnegan, Charles Tillman, Mark Barron

A 2-0 week would be nice. I’m already considering myself “relegated” in the Redraft Squared after my team tanked in Week 1 and Stevan Ridley had another sub-par effort. David Wilson needs to save me, so I’m unsalvageable.

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