Fantasy Files: One Thought

I apologize. Regan Yant sent me his interview answers but I went on an e-mail delete binge and accidentally included his in the purge. Mr. Yant lost the e-mail he sent me so he’ll have to do the interview twice, an Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert first. I’m hoping to get it posted later in the week.

I’m going to do one thought on a few fantasy/real football issues.

I attended the Missouri/Vandy game last weekend. I was impressed that Missouri scored, minus a half-ending kneel down, on their first eight possessions. I might have to revise my expectations. I thought this was a 6-6 team at best. I’m still thinking 8-4 is as good as it gets, although a win in Athens this Saturday would upgrade expectations. I may go to Athens since it’s an hour away and people getting drunk early in the morning is never a bad thing.

Tennessee lost to the Chiefs because of two plays. Play one was a fluky kick by Damian Williams on punt coverage that the Chiefs recovered for a TD. That’s a play that happens about once in a hundred games. Play two was more like four plays, the Titans’ inability to score on four plays from the Chiefs’ one-yard-line in the second quarter. Why the team can’t put CJ in there to try to bounce it inside is beyond me.

I went from a QB surplus in my local keeper league to making a waiver-wire claim due to injuries. I started with Vick/Palmer/Manuel and gained Pryor when the Pryor owner panicked after the concussion. Now Manuel’s out and Vick’s week to week (and sinking in weekly scoring), so when Pryor has his bye next week I’ll probably be starting Brandon Weeden. I dropped Julius Thomas for Lamar Miller as my flex and guess what, led the league in bench points. I’m 2-3.

I had a bad computer weekend. First thing was losing the interview. Second was exchanging Julius Thomas for Tony G in my dynasty lineup and somehow not hitting the “submit” button. Because of that I sweated out a close win over this week’s Know Your Enemy “victim” Chad Scott. I’m 3-2.

I won in RD2, thanks in part to Zach Stacy finally making a start and David Wilson scoring a TD before his early exit. I need a win over Swarming Bichons this week to clinch a spot in the second redraft.

I’ll be at home for an NFL Sunday this weekend, which is a relief. Can I find a Titans bar?

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