Know Your Enemy, Seattle Seahawks, 2013 Week 6

It might be a few more weeks until we get a Titans opponent who believes in the Columbia blue. This week I bring in DLF’s own Chad Scott, a Seahawk fan who remembers the Brian Bosworth days. Of all the games on the Titans’ 2013 schedule, this ranked near or at the top of ones that they were most likely to lose. It’s the longest road trip the Titans can make until they get roped into the London nonsense. It’s also against a team who hasn’t lost at home in nearly two years. It’s been a whole three days since the Titans spit the bit at home. Let’s see what Chad has to say.

Are the Titans even more “dead” with the Seahawks coming off a loss? Not to sound like a complete homer (eventhough we all know I am), I don’t see any way the Titans leave Seattle with a win. They haven’t lost at home in two years and are coming off a letdown last week. It’s going to be Bloodsport in Seattle – we are the Frank Dux to your Chong Li. [Zach note: What, no Jean Claude Van Damme?]

Is Russell Wilson going to put up “game manager” type fantasy numbers as long as the Seahawks have such a good run game and defense? I think what we saw last week was what we should expect from Wilson for the remainder of the season. I don’t think they want him to run it 13 times every game, but 7-10 would be nice. For whatever reason, Sidney Rice isn’t getting any sort of separation and may need to go back to Switzerland and get his money back. Just 10 catches in 5 games will not a WR1 make. We need Percy back for the pass game to become explosive.

After running for 38 combined yards in the past two games, are you at all worried about the guy who made 2k in your building in 2009? Not at all. Completely different team and completely different RB now. I’ll admit, I thought the upgrades at your offensive line would be huge for Johnson, but he still looks like his shitty self, unfortunately for Titan fans and his owners. [Zach note: But you haven’t thought about the Amish Rifle, have you? Never mind, you have.]

What have you heard about Percy Harvin returning to the lineup? I retweeted a few of his tweets the other day saying he was “back” and “time to work.” All it means as of now is he’s back in Seattle and ready to start working his way back on to the field. Hawks have a bye week 12. Perhaps he sees a little time in week 11 and see where he’s at from there.

Tell me why you love the Seahawks new uniforms. To be honest, I love our old, old school uniforms the most. [Zach note: If they never wear the throwbacks, that’s the worst crime Nike has committed against football.] The ones Steve Largent made pretty. They are an upgrade from the previous uniforms though. Looks like a Tron movie wherever we go. Earl Thomas should have a disc to throw at receivers and break them.

With Bruce Irvin back, is the defense going to cause even more pain? I think we saw a little of that last week when he played roughly 50% of the teams’ snaps. He was able to record a sack and had another couple QB hurries. He’s our starter now and should help create more havoc for offensive lines, especially with Chris Clemons back healthy.

Tell me about your game-day brew and what you expect to happen this weekend. Nothing specific, but I always have a good IPA on tap for breakfast. If I had to pick one, it’d be the Elysian Immortal IPA. Very good beer and local. I love Sundays because it gives me an out for day drinking, or so I tell my wife…. [Zach note: It’s something to get used to, the 10 a.m. Sunday football start.]

Hit me with the plugs (sites, podcasts, all that jazz) Writer for where I am also the Rankings Führer…come at me bro.

Chad had some questions for me.

I assume you don’t hate Jake Locker anymore the way he was performing prior to the hip injury, but can he actually lead this team to the playoffs or a Super Bowl? There’s nobody harder to win over than a skeptical fan of a team that’s been really bad with QB play for about a decade. I was doubtful about Locker’s skill, never his desire to be a great QB. He really came along in the first four games and I hope he’s back after the bye. Ryan Fitzpatrick was one crazy scramble after a pass was blocked back into his own hands from beating the Chiefs. It’s going to take more than that in Seattle to win.

When Shonn Greene comes back, how close will the carries be? He’ll get the workload that Jackie Battle’s getting, short-yardage carries, goal-line work, and maybe a series or two to himself. Probably a 2/3, 1/3 split. I’m starting to wonder if he’s going to make it back this year.

When are you coming back to Seattle so I can have a beer with you? I famously came to Seattle, had a tweetup and Chad, the dude I wanted to meet with the most, had one of those day jobs. I’ll have to get there the next time the Titans travel to Seattle, which will be 2017 by my estimation.

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