Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert: Regan Yant of The Fake Pigskin

"I’m not usually this way but maybe its time to throw Drew Stanton in there, at least maybe its a wake up call to Palmer…"

Regan is the coolest. The co-founder of Fake Pigskin sent me his answers and I duly deleted them from my e-mail. A week later he was back and better than ever (I’ll assume that since the initial answers are lost to history). He’s raising three kids and a Duggar family of writers at his site.

How’d you get the Fake Pigskin brand started with Adam Rainbolt? Our wives are cousins so we have known each other for years now. We place small bets between us all the time, do over unders, predictions, etc. He has wanted to start a blog for us to record this stuff with our other friends too. It was originally meant to just be somewhere to record our predictions and share with others. Being in the fantasy football twitter fam for awhile, I had some great conversations with Eric Olinger, Jeff Haseley, Chad Scott, and Chet Gresham who made me believe I could give the actual writing aspect a shot. On February 1st of this year I published my 1st article on Case of Deangelo Williams). Here we are not even 8 full months later and I’m getting ready to add our 18th writer to the team, we have 3 podcasts going and have 2 more that will debut after the season. [Zach note: Taking There Is No Offseason seriously.]

How do you get minions to write for your site and do you get minion chow at Costco? I wish there was some writer chow you could buy to attract them! There are a bunch of talented writers out there who just haven’t been noticed or picked up yet. Five of us at FakePigskin hadn’t had any writing experience at all upon publishing our first articles. I’m always willing to give a guy his first shot. If it ends up that’s what we are, a stepping stone to bigger and better things, so be it. We are having a blast doing what we do and our team is more like a family.

In your latest podcast, you discussed the candidates for the toy hall of fame. Do you have a write-in candidate? Like I said in the podcast, how the hell is TMNT getting in before He-Man? That’s kinda BS in my book but I guess TMNT has had a rejuvenation as of late. My almost 5 year old son loves them. But He-Man was pretty cool when I was a kid, and I kick myself in the ass when I see how much those toys are going for now-a-days. [Zach note: I sold all my Star Wars toys for pennies on the dollar.]

I’m actually impressed that the Cardinals got anything for Levi Brown. Is there any hope for your beloved Cardinals this year? Can you believe that? No take-backs Pittsburgh. It’s really about time that they take a Cardinals player instead of us signing their retreads all the time! I’m being cautiously optimistic with Arizona right now. I’m on record of predicting them for a 6-10 record and when I look and see them at 3-2 with the defense playing tremendous(#3 vs the run right now) I get excited, I can’t lie. Especially after what we have gone through since Kurt Warner retired. I do believe they are a year or two away but I love the way they have responded to Bruce Arians.

Besides chloroform, how do you balance having a fantasy site and dealing with three kids? Beer, lots and lots of beer…And great help from guys like Kenny Wang and Ricky Sanders, who have stepped up and added the titles of editor to their FakePigskin profiles, and the rest of the team, who make it easy by not having much to edit in the first place. As we have discussed a little off the air, I have a teenager and two little ones, and a nurse for a wife who gets home late, so they keep me on my toes. I have learned to trust in the rest of the team. I was a little hesitant to delegate at the beginning but I simply couldn’t get everything done on my own. When I started my new job in July it required me to work way more hours than I did at my last job so I simply started relying on the rest of the team and they kicked ass.

Did you curse Rob Housler with the avatar? I may have! I really still feel that he is one of the most talented TEs in the league and was the best player in camp, along with Michael Floyd, this year. What can you do though? We can’t predict injuries and the high ankle sprain is a tough one. I don’t know if it’s lingering effects from the injury or the time missed has put him behind, whether it’s game speed or playbook. There have also been reports here in Arizona of Carson Palmer struggling to learn Arians offense so who really knows? Next year I’m making my avi either a 49ers or Seahawks player and hope I curse them instead.

Which fantasy league do you want to win more than the rest? I’m in seven this year, [Zach note: pansy] which is about 4-5 more than normal. I like concentrating on just a couple intensely instead of a bunch half-heartedly. That being said my home dynasty league is most important to me. It’s the biggest money league I’m in($700 on the line) and this year we added guys like Darkness, Juan Elway, and Andrew Nordmeier to the league so the talent definitely went up. Next in line is our FakePigskin Charity League, which is a 16 team redraft league we started for $20 a player, with all proceeds going to a charity of the winner’s choice, although this year we chose in advance that the money would go to the trainer’s of Ladd Davies’ daughter’s alert dog for the #FFHelpMadi cause from earlier this year. We hope to expand this next year and run multiple charity leagues.

Who’s a player you’re begging people to pick up now, before the price goes through the roof? It may be too late, but Terrell Pryor somehow looks like the real deal. I added him off waivers in my dynasty league to back up Aaron Rodgers and I actually have to give pause when filling out my lineup. Also, buy low on CJ Spiller. I honestly was looking for way more from Doug Marrone’s offense and I gotta believe they start using him more.

Do you have a go-to beer for Sunday football watching? Being so close to Mexico, I’ve developed an affinity for Mexican beers over the years. I also love Irish beer, so there is almost never a time where there won’t be Guinness, Smithwicks, or Dos Equis in my bar. [Zach note: Try Negro Modelo.] I also buy a case at a time of something good from Costco, so currently we have a stash of Stella Artois in the bar right now too. I used to be a Budweiser guy, and I still collect their memorabilia(my garage is full of it), but I haven’t drank one of those in years.

Does your wife have any issues with your football obsession? She thinks it’s a little obnoxious, and being together for this long I know when to choose my battles, but I don’t miss Cardinals’ games. We can do lunch or a shopping trip during the other games, I can check my phone for stats, highlights, updates etc. But really there is only one thing I will skip a Cards game for.

Football or sex: which do you think of more? As much as I wanna still be the young buck and say sex, I’m getting old and have three kids now so it’s football! I used to share with all sports but football pretty much rules since we started the site. [Zach note: As it should be.]

Where are you on the usual football Sunday? I assume there’s a man cave. Our living room is basically the man cave on Sundays. We have a 60″ Sony TV, the black reclining leather couches, and a bar in the living room(I’m Irish, I think that’s a law). My wife relegates herself to the kitchen or shopping unless we have people over for games.

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. ATVs. I have been riding quads or three wheelers since I was about 6 years old. Over 30 years now. It’s the only thing I will miss a live Cardinals game for, although I will DVR it and watch it later. There is nothing like riding about 50-60 MPH over the open desert on a trail or finding some old hidden mine or ghost town out in the middle of nowhere that you couldn’t get to with a regular vehicle. And the pinnacle of it is riding the dunes in Southern California, look up some Glamis videos on youtube, you will see what I mean. To an offroader, that’s heaven. I also like to hunt, fish and camp, anything where I’m outdoors.

Which football writers are on your must-read list? Obviously I’m partial to any of the staff at FakePigskin. I also love all the writers at DLF and FFOasis. Others on my must-read list are Brian Bulmer, Darkness(Charles Murphy), Zach Ragan, Sal Stefanile, Russell Schaffer, Amber Boskers, Chris Schisler and Dan and Justin at I honestly don’t miss an article from any of the people I mentioned. I’m also fond of reading and promoting other small independent sites who are starting and in the place we were 6-7 months ago. I’m partial to an underdog.

Tell me about any plugs that you’d like. Sites, podcasts, projects, anything. Just visit the site and subscribe to the podcast. You get all three podcasts we do by subscribing, we are on iTunes too, although I prefer Downcast. We have 15 different articles posted weekly on the site from some great writers, and thanks to everyone who has supported us from the start. And to the doubters, we aren’t going anywhere! We have a site redesign coming in the offseason and some huge projects on the horizon. Thanks for having me, Zach!

Thanks for answering my questions (twice), Regan. Follow him on Twitter and when you meet him, take the blue pill.

Want to support the site or just like reading about fantasy football experts? Then buy my book There Still Is No Off Season: Interviews 51-100 of the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert Series. If you want to know more about the experts I interviewed, and what they’re up to lately, check out the experts page.

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