Fantasy Files: Draftin’ Doubletime

When you’re in the middle of the football season, you almost forget about the halcyon days of drafting in late summer, putting together lists, sweating out your picks, and hoping that it’s all going to work out.

Six weeks of the fantasy season are over, and we kind of know how this horror movie’s going to end. Players have crashed and burned and sleepers have awoken to take over the world. I got to double my pleasure and participate in two recent drafts. I’ll start with the more “important” one, the Redraft2 second draft. In this league, you draft for weeks 1-6, and if you finish in the top two of your division, you get to compete in the second redraft with 15 of your closest fantasy friends.

All I had to arm myself was a rest-of-season draft list from On the RD2 page you can predraft using ADP (like from August) and results to date. In the live draft room, the only list available is your predraft list and the ADP.

I won in the first round of drafting by my late-round picks. My RBs 2/3 (Stevan Ridley/David Wilson) rarely did much for me. Gronk, naturally, was a big fat zero. This time I drafted a little differently. I didn’t take a WR until round 7. This time, I took four in the first seven rounds. Here’s the final tally (I drafted from the 9 slot/16 teams):

1. Marshawn Lynch
2. Jordy Nelson
3. Eric Decker
4. James Jones
5. Bilal Powell
6. Jermichael Finley
7. Stephen Hill
8. Terrelle Pryor
9. Bryce Brown
10. Roy Helu
11. Geno Smith
12. Cordarrelle Patterson
13. Santonio Holmes
14. Robert Turbin
15. Browns D
16. Matt Bryant
17. Lance Kendricks
18. Lions D

If you’re in a 16-team you go in knowing that you can’t have everything. I didn’t get my RB3 until round 9. Chris Polk’s injured to Bryce Brown should have a couple of decent weeks and Roy Helu’s catching a few passes a week. Oh yeah, I’m dead if the Packers have a bad week. I didn’t go with a strict no-bye policy like in the first round.

The draft room was kind of crazy. Any player could go at any time. Shonn Greene and Joseph Randle went in the 6th round, Jacoby Jones, Percy Harvin, and Shane Vereen went in the 7th.

Ryan McDowell invited me to the DLF In-Season Dynasty Mock 2 (full draft here). It’s a 12-team league and I thought it was a good idea to check out on player values. Here’s what did:

1. LeSean McCoy: Some of the “established” RBs are a little older. McCoy’s young but is in his fifth season.
2. Giovani Bernard: I think the rookie out of North Carolina will be “the guy” in Cincinnati for years.
3. Torrey Smith: He’s breaking out in year three.
4. Hakeem Nicks: I got some flack for this. He’s still relatively young and can’t be broken forever.
5. Julius Thomas: Few players have moved up lately more than Thomas.
6. Knowshon Moreno: He went from placeholder to stud fantasy RB in a week. Peyton’s going to lobby for the Broncos to re-sign him.
7. Kendall Wright: He’s still more of possession guy for the Titans but in time he’ll be a fully rounded wide receiver in time.
8. Marcus Lattimore: Everyone’s forgotten about him with Kendall Hunter playing well this year. You make these long-shot picks now and then.
9. James Jones: He’s a little older for this exercise but Aaron Rodgers loves him.
10. Ryan Tannehill: I like to wait on QB.
11. Bilal Powell: Will he be the guy in New York long-term?
12. Dwayne Allen: It’s a good time to get injured guys at a discount.
13. Jay Cutler: I was a little surprised that he was still there.
14. Stedman Bailey: Yeah, the Rams feel like a bit of a fantasy wasteland but you have to take shots.
15. Brock Osweiler: There were starting QBs still out there but he should be the Broncos guy in a couple of years.
16. Daryl Richardson: He’s been forgotten, and may never be more than a 3rd down back.
17. Tim Wright: One-week wonder?
18. Zach Sudfeld: Would have gone 10 rounds earlier in August.
19. Santonio Holmes: Seems like he still can play when not injured.
20. Denver D: Team Ds in a dynasty, how odd.

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