Fantasy Files: Sunday Morning Quickies

Let’s see if I can throw out some quick nonsense before the games begin.

In my dynasty league, I am fortunate to have depth since DeMarco Murray is again injured. I was a little surprised to hear reports that the Cowboys are not happy with Murray’s play of late. It’s not like they have his replacement on the roster. Joseph Randle was a 5th-round pick and would be down in the depth chart if it weren’t for injuries. Philip Tanner and Lance Dunbar are UDFAs.

The only downside of depth is you have to make the right choices. I’m keeping Ray Rice in there even though rumors of his decline seem to have been prescient. Forte’s been a stud (too bad the league’s not PPR). I’ll keep Powell in there because he’s the Jets workhorse. I also have Jacquizz Rodgers and Zac Stacy, with Joique Bell looking for a Bush injury.

Call it the “Shorts Gambit”. I dropped Steve Smith in my keeper league for the Percy Harvin Lottery Ticket. This left me with Cecil Shorts or James Jones as my WR2 this week. Both are injured. I decided to wait until the final day and pick up Rueben Randle, dropping Shorts. Because waivers are over for the week, I might be able to pick Shorts back up on Tuesday. It’s a way to use your league rules to your advantage. I’m 2-4 and playing a 5-1 team, so a loss helps me in the waiver rankings since this league won’t even consider free agent auctions.

The Titans are starting Jake Locker today. I’m not sure if this reeks of a desperate franchise or one that’s seeing their best shot at victory. Ditto the move to start rookie Brian Schwenke, he of 0 NFL experience, at center today. The team won with Locker because he didn’t turn the ball over. If he keeps that up, the Titans could go to their bye week on a winning note.

Maty Mauk, the least manly QB name I can recall, started strong in Missouri’s 36-17 win over Florida. On the first play Mauk went deep to L’Damian Washington for 41 yards. The safety who came in got the targeting penalty and was booted from the game. This an odd new rule in college football. They call the penalty for targeting, hitting a receiver above the neck, and then review whether the guy actually did it. If he did, he’s out of the game. If not, the penalty stands but the player stays.

Dang, I got lost in trivia there. Mauk had insane high school stats, 18,000 plus yards, 219 passing touchdowns, two-time Ohio player of the year. I was impressed because he threw a really bad interception in the second quarter and kept slinging the ball. He’s not afraid. Missouri didn’t even call a run play until the third series of the game, so they weren’t afraid to use the redshirt freshman signal-caller. While 36 points was Missouri’s lowest of the season, Florida’s pretty darn good, and Missouri scored 8 times, including 5 field goals. That’s seven straight wins by 15 points or more, and if Missouri beats South Carolina next week, they’re all but guaranteed a spot in the SEC title game in December. That is nuts.

Even though I posted an article about buying beer in growler form, I’m going to go with old-fashioned bottles this week. It’s the big bottle of Corsendonk, followed by the BBBC (bottled beer by committee) of Bell’s Brown and Highland Gaelic Ale.

Players I need to step up today: In my local keeper league, I need Brandon Weeden to not be terrible, If I can get 200 and two TDs, maybe my first 20-point fantasy QB day since week 2, that would be huge. My Vick gamble on draft day looks like it fizzled out so I’ll be all-in on Terrelle Pryor for the rest of the year. In my dynasty league it’s Bilal Powell versus the Patriots. Kendall Wright’s my rotating WR3. I plucked two DBs off waivers, Marcus Cooper of the Chiefs and Michael Mitchell of the Panthers, and they will start.

Best of luck to y’all.

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