Fantasy Files: Sunday Morning Quick Thoughts

I was really frustrated at the 4th quarter performance of my Missouri Tigers, blowing a 17-0 lead against South Carolina and doinking what would have been the tying field goal from 24 yards out in 2 OT. You have to be patient in football. The Broncos were not going to win all their games and Missouri wasn’t going to play at their best every game. It’s survival in those less-than-optimal situations where you win.

It’s the horrible six-bye-week game. Is this not the best time for me to have my first daily lineup? I’ll post my lineup on FanDuel and my opponent. By the way, I’m playing for cash money, $2 to be exact:

The Zach Laws:
Russell Wilson
Darren Sproles
Knowshon Moreno
Jarrett Boykin
Victor Cruz
Antonio Brown
Jordan Reed
Matt Prater
Chiefs D

My opponent:
Drew Brees
Marshawn Lynch
Knowshon Moreno
Rueben Randle
Marques Colston
Terrance Williams
Tony Gonzalez
Dan Bailey
Panthers D (9 points)

If I fail in my first journey, don’t blame “Autotune” Davis Mattek who took an hour or so to walk me through signing up and giving me some roster tips.

Let’s see, I’m on a four-game losing streak in my local keeper league. I picked up Danny Amendola as a desperation flex, but now that Jimmy Graham is active, I can’t not start him. Matt Waldman referred to Amendola as Super Dave Osborne and yes you have to be at least 35 to get that reference. There are lots of red crosses in my lineup. It will be a matter of my players actually playing the entire game, from Mike Vick to Graham to Cecil Shorts, stay healthy, dudes.

I’m 4-3 in my dynasty league, and need to keep winning if I want a shot at a bye in the playoffs. Cam Newton’s coming back although I’m a little nervous about my RBs with Forte and Ray Rice on byes and DeMarco Murray limited.

The Titans are on a bye week. It’s the most unusual bye week of all, with owner Bud Adams passing away this week. Nothing drastic is going to change mid-season. It will be interesting to see if the family decides to sell. It’s a tough transition from a man, love him or hate him, ran a franchise for 50+ years.

Speaking of bye weeks, my opponent decided to take a big hit this weekend in Redraft2. Coleman_FF has Nick Foles and EJ Manuel at QB and Forte/Mathews/Woodhead at RB. There’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to start 2-0 in the second round.

Best of luck to y’all today.

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