Fantasy Files: Sunday Thoughts

I pulled off a monster fantasy trade this week, and I know how people love to hear about what happens in individual fantasy leagues. I have not had my best year, running my team into the ground at 3-6 and four losses of 50 points or more. What I’m trying to do this year is be more amused at the random nature of fantasy instead of going into a shame spiral any time my team gets pounded like a worse version of the Jaguars.

I targeted my friend Chuck, three-time champ and my nemesis. Both of our teams are 3-6. At the moment, four teams are tied at 3-6, and the best of those would get the 8th and final playoff spot. Since our league goes redraft every four years and that’s next year, if a team decided to call it a year, trading players to get picks in next year’s redraft seems like the right thing to do. Neither of us wanted to give up. I decided on a trade apparatus, and a random sporting event to determine who would be the winner and the loser. I chose a soccer match.

I gave Chuck even and I took odd in terms of goals scored in that match between a Russian soccer team and a British one. I think he was confident that the score would end 0-0. Whoever “won” would get the players and whoever “lost” would get the picks. I watched the game cast on ESPN and got nervous as the time ran out. The score ended at 1-0 and I was victorious.

The deal was this: I got Cam Newton and TY Hilton, traded Terrelle Pryor and Cecil Shorts. In 2014, I’d trade my 5th-round pick for Chuck’s 7th-round pick. The pick will move up to a 4th-rounder if I win the title. Originally it was a one-round trade-up with the pick escalating for every round I advanced in the playoffs. At the end, I made it a little more simple.

Chuck took the fire sale literally, trading away Keenan Allen and Tony Gonzalez for larger draft-pick shifts than I got in my deal. Then again, there probably wasn’t a random soccer match riding on the result. Now I have an actual weekly starting QB and a good WR2. Will it be enough?

Additional note: He offered me his 10th and Zac Stacy for my 6th and Shonn Greene. I jumped on that one. I’ll have a nice two-round break in the middle of our draft next year.

Back to the thoughts:

Julius Thomas, Superstar, is “probable” according to his team but says he’ll be a game-time decision. The waiver-wire TE of the year has a lot of nervous fantasy owners. Note that the two times I’ve benched JT this year were his two 30-point efforts. Now that I have Stacy, I can put T-Rich in the flex and enjoy his weekly seven points.

I don’t care if they are 13-point favorites. The Titans are even money against the Jags based on recent results. Titans wins this year have been by 7, 3, 25, and 7. Guess which one is the outlier.

Here’s your moment in weird scheduling. The Titans have two home games in the next four days. Their following home game is December 15.

In daily fantasy, I signed up for three leagues last night. I know that I’ll need to play multiple games a week to have more accurate results. It’s just that I’d like to, you know, win one before upping the weekly amount.

My lineups:

Lineup 1 (H2H): Peyton/Lacy/Woodhead/Tate/Marvin Jones/Calvin/Tim Wright/Bironas/Eagles D
Lineup 2 (50/50): Locker/Woodhead/Lacy/Tate/Marvin Jones/Calvin/Jimmy G/Sebass/Denver
Lineup 3 (50/50, 65k rosters): Peyton/Lacy/Lamar Miller/Keenan Allen/TY/Calvin/Jimmy G/Bironas/Eagles

Maybe more variety next week, eh?

The annual pain and suffering of bye weeks still have two weeks to go. My crazy trade may have bought me a week or two to find out if Andre Brown and Percy Harvin will be actual difference-makers. Harvin probably won’t have his debut until Week 13, which is the regular season finale. I’ve had him on my roster for three weeks already. I realized after my deals that Harvin and Brown are only going to be backups anyway.

Missouri won a relatively easy game in Lexington yesterday, with fans making basketball gestures. The journey to get pasted in the SEC Title game would be easiest with two more wins, easier if Georgia beats Auburn next week and Florida beats South Carolina.

After thinking that this wasn’t a good year for rookie running backs, I see four in the top 15. Eddie Lacy and LeVeon Bell had potential, but Zac Stacy and Mike James? Andre Ellington’s up there and Giovani Bernard is almost an RB2, so nice year, youngsters.

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