Confessions of a Dangerous 39-Year-Old Daily Fantasy Virgin: Part 3

After going 0-2 in my first two weeks as a daily fantasy journeyman (think a Missouri-educated Ryan Fitzpatrick), I knew I had to step things up. I met with David Kitchen, who will be my daily fantasy spirit guide, in Nashville last weekend and he gave me a little advice.

I mentioned doing a tournament this week and he slapped me across the face with a velvet glove. OK, he didn’t do that. He was quite polite and nice although he did drink a beer with an orange wedge in it. Tournaments were for more advanced players, so perhaps in week four. He told me to go with 50/50s and head to head.

My first two matchups were head to head, because I wanted to see the whites of my opponents lineups. It’s probably what most daily novices do since most fantasy leagues are in that format. We all know what it’s like to have the second-highest score in a league yet lose because fate has handed us the top scorer. In daily, you want to maximize your chances of winning. That’s where the 50/50 comes in. It’s a group of players, and the top 50% of scorers get the cash.

For all the talk of streaming this and streaming that, when it comes to consistent performers, you look at the top quarterbacks and top wide receivers. That’s where I focused my attention this week. In two of my three leagues, I went with Peyton Manning as my QB. Calvin Johnson was my WR1 in all leagues.

The first league I did this week was a 65k “beginner” 50/50. Most Fan Duel leagues have a 60,000 cap so a 65,000 cap gave me more wiggle room. My roster:

Peyton Manning
Eddie Lacy
Lamar Miller (my curse of Lamar Miller continues)
Keenan Allen
TY Hilton
Calvin Johnson
Jimmy Graham
Rob Baronies
Philly D

My continued dependence on cheap kickers and defenses is serving me well. My “studs” worked out, but the relative “scrubs” didn’t do much. Bad luck that none of those players scored a TD. I finished 21st out of 50, cash money.

It was hard to adjust to a 60k league after that but I signed up for one more 50/50:

Jake Locker (see what streaming does you?)
Danny Woodhead (ridiculous consistency)
Eddie Lacy (restraining order is on the way)
Golden Tate (one of Dave’s recommendations)
Marvin Jones (I’m not the only one to get burned)
Jimmy G (I have trouble “reaching” for TE)
Denver D

Locker sunk me, along with Marvin Jones. I didn’t get anything out of my “cheap labor” save Golden. I finished 38th out of 50, out of the money.

I did one head to head for old-time’s sake.

Golden Tate
Marvin Jones
Calvin Johnson
Tim Wright
Rob Bironas
Philly D

I’m sure a daily veterans would give me crap for posting a similar lineup to one I posted before. Then again, I did win, and in a convincing fashion. My two studs plus Golden were enough, and I didn’t get dinged too poorly for reaching into the discount barrel for my TE.

Three weeks in and my “money clip” has $21.76. I’m down $3.24. You know I’m going to lean on my daily fantasy experts for some advice as I head into Week Four of this experiment.

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