Fantasy Files: A Brief History of 2013

I’m going to give a little love to the quirky 2013 fantasy football season by giving some of the highlights of this crazy year. Generally speaking, you couldn’t depend on any player to give you consistent production, unless you were talking about Peyton Manning, the clear fantasy MVP. According to my league’s scoring, Peyton ended up with 482 fantasy points, or 30 points a week. Second place was Jamaal Charles, the closest “sure thing” we had at RB. Top WR was Calvin Johnson. Yes, there were some surprises in there. Let’s look back by week:

Week 1: Peyton gives us a sign of things to come with 60 points. Surprising us would be the ageless wonder Anquan Boldin with 39 and we can’t forget Jared Cook with 31. Showing off the volatility of the season, Boldin had one point in Week 2 and Cook had two.

Week 2: Aaron Rodgers leading the way is no biggie. Mike Vick scoring 38 was, shoring that you can find QB late in the draft. Vick would score 40 points the rest of the season. Julio Jones scored 35, and owners are re-opening tear ducts over that stat. Let’s not forget Eddie Royal “with cheese” with 34.

Week 3: We can’t talk about the 2013 fantasy season without bringing up Jimmy Gram. From weeks 2-5 he scored 116 points with a low of 23. Antonio Brown had a breakout week with 40, and Josh Gordon rewarded patient owners with 32 out of the gate. Jamaal Charles had his first 30-point performance of the week.

Week 4: Drew Brees finished on top? Yawn. Tony G scored 38 after struggling early. Victor Cruz had his second 30-point game of the year and wouldn’t top 20 the rest of the year, as I know all too well. Philip Rivers started 2013 with three out of four 30-point games.

Week 5: It wasn’t surprising that the Cowboys/Broncos “instant classic” led to Romo and Peyton both topping 40 points. Romo didn’t score single-digit points once this year. We met a young man named Jeffrey this week as Alshon broke out with 37 points. Julius Thomas, a guy I had to write onto my draft board because there wasn’t a sticker for him, scored 33. Pierre Thomas joined the 30-point club.

Week 6: Vernon Davis, perhaps the most frustrating fantasy player alive, topped the league with 38 points. Cam Newton scored 36 as part of his roller coaster fantasy 2013 (he scored 6 the previous week). Knowshon Moreno had a season-high 36. Some guy named Nick Foles scored 35, and Justin Blackmon had 33, but that comet burned out so quickly.

Week 7: Calvin Johnson missed Week 5, scored five points in Week 6, then reached 36 in Week 7. He’s still good. Vincent Jackson had his second straight 30-point plus effort. It was a good week for QBs with Dalton, Stafford, Peyton, and Luck reaching 30. A rookie TE named Jordan Reed scored 28.

Week 8: Calvin scored 50, but the story of the week was Marvin Jones’ four-TD game. He did fade, but finished with three-straight double digit games. Jordy Nelson, somewhat plagued by the QB injury machine, had a season-high 31. Kenny Stills was another guy who probably pissed off the waiver-wire hounds. He scored 27 and had one more double digit game all year.

Week 9: Nick Foles met the Raiders defense and it was love at first sight. Foles finished one point short of Peyton’s season high with 59. If you went Vick/Foles in the middle to late rounds, you won games this year. Andre Johnson scored 49, proving that he’s made of awesome and Tom Brady returned to the leader board with 41. The main beneficiary of Foles’ huge day was Riley Cooper. We also met a young RB from Vandy named Zac Stacy. Starting in Week 6, Stacy failed to reach double digits once for the rest of the year.

Week 10: Nobody scored 40. How boring. Rishard Matthews joined the list with a 35-point game. RGIII scored 33 in a year that made us all as seasick as watching Gravity in 3D. Pierre Thomas scored 30 again and this was the one week that Tavon Austin was good with 27.

Week 11: Bobby Rainey came out of nowhere with a 39-point effort. Remember the Rainey/Brian Leonard debate? Nobody else will either. Ben Roethlisberger came back from the dead with 39 as well. LeSean McCoy had his first 30+-point effort of the year. Michael Floyd entered the 30-point club in the Year of the Second-Year Wideout.

Week 12: Josh Gordon. Remember the name. Philip Rivers came back to the party after a few lesser efforts. Julian Edelman became the Wes Welker replacement that nobody expected him to be, except maybe Rummy. Eddie Lacy, part of the outstanding rookie RB brigade, made it to the leader board with 29.

Week 13: Gordon topped his Week 12 performance with 48 points. Eric Decker and Alshon Jeffrey made it an all WR top three for the first time all year. Ben Tate came up for air with a 30-point effort and subsequently submerged again. Gronk scored 24 and that was the effective end of his fantasy season.

Week 14: As the season reached the end, QBs jumped up from nowhere like Josh McCown, with a 46-point Monday Night effort. Andrew Luck made it to 40. Jason Campbell scored 35 because of course and Shane Vereen teased us all with a 33-point effort.

Week 15: Jamaal Charles won a lot of semifinals with a 59-point effort. Four receiving TDs for a RB? Inconceivable. Alex Smith continued his hot streak with a 40-point score, although you’d hate yourself for starting him in Week 16. If Nick Foles isn’t a top-five drafted QB next year, that’s your bargain. He scored at least 21 points every week from Week 9 to the end of the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick continued the parade of waiver-wire wonder QBs with 38 points. And in my favorite stat of the year, Matt Asiata scored 30 fantasy points for the week and finished 2013 with…30 fantasy points.

Week 16: Time to win some champeenships. Peyton appropriately led the league in scoring again with his 4th 40-point effort of the year. Andy Dalton was #2 and yeah, he’s a QB1 now. Eric Decker was the stop scoring WR. He had five 20+-point efforts and 6 in single digits. Speaking of ups and downs, Joique Bell had 33, and scored 20 or more points five times. Reggie Who? Roddy White came back to life with 32 in a losing effort. Geno Smith had 31. He had more ups and downs, more downs, than anyone this year.

Week 17: Just sit back and enjoy the wall-to-wall football. No Thursday or Monday night nonsense, just as the football gods intended.

Have a great holiday season and remember, there is no offseason.

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