Fantasy Files: Year in Dynasty, TE

When it comes to writing about my fantasy football history, I find the stories of defeat and despair far more interesting than the ones of victory and vindication. It’s good (and bad) that I’m due to write about my tight end performances in 2013.

At tight end in 2012, I had literally nothing. My hopes for the season were 100% behind Chris Cooley, and Cooley was injured. Due to the Marianas Trench depth of our rosters, I couldn’t get anyone with a pulse off waivers. My attempts during the offseason to enrich the position weren’t much better. I tried to trade Cooley straight up for Jimmy Graham, and boy do I wish I had sweetened that offer because Graham still wasn’t an uber stud just yet. I picked up Fred Davis via trade and he proved to be as useful to me as a beer festival that only serves “Lite” beer. Midway through the 2012 season, thinking I was in a championship window, a window I fly into like a drunken bird, I traded a third-round rookie pick for Tony Gonzalez.

I got lucky there. There was a happy ending for Ben, my trade partner who won last year’s championship in his second year in the league. I’m coming up on my 10th and I’ve just lost in the championship game twice. Tony G was my mainstay at the position heading into 2013. I needed one more year of him because my other options were the following:

Heath Miller actually started a few weeks thanks to his breakout TD-heavy 2012. Sadly he tore many ligaments and was no Adrian Peterson in coming back.

Fred Davis was the guy I traded straight up for Tony Romo during my great second QB makeover. He didn’t exactly pan out.

Taylor Thompson was the converted tight end that people compared to a raw, never-injured Rob Gronkowski. Note that most guys you compare to someone else usually turn up to be crap.

Julius Thomas was the guy I was sad I traded my 4th round rookie pick in 2012 because I could have taken Russell Wilson with that pick. Yeah, I’m the guy who got the top-five tight end with a fourth-round rookie pick, where you get a decent IDP, at best. Before this season, my one memory of Julius Thomas was him whiffing on a block in a preseason game in which Tim Tebow got blasted.

I didn’t start Julius Thomas in Week 1, but I started him in most subsequent weeks. My pile of crap at wideout made me glad that I could start two tight ends in this format. Tony Gonzalez started slowly and didn’t have his best season but he’s not bad for a 37-year-old guy who reported to Falcons camp approximately ten minutes prior to the opening kickoff.

Sadly for me, Tony is not going to play in the NFL forever. I’m obviously happy with Julius Thomas’s 2013 and hope that Taylor Thompson has a similar breakout this year. That’s highly doubtful although a new coaching staff may give Thompson more than his seven 2013 targets. Heath Miller’s probably my backup and I put Fred Davis up for free agency. He’s surprisingly had zero interest in our free agency period.

If you want real discussion of the 2013 tight end performances from the degenerates themselves, JJ Zachariason and CD Carter, check out their Living the Stream from last week.

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