Fantasy Files: Thoughts from the Beach

I’m going to try a different style with my first post in a while. I let my vacation in Panama City Beach be an excuse to tail off on the interviews for a while. With all of the free-agent frenzy and upcoming (sometime in the next decade) NFL Draft, I thought I’d alternate beach thoughts with football ones.

Oh yeah, check out the view.

I met with Paymon, aka Set My Roster, on Sunday. We prearranged a “Tweetup” at the bar that, as far as my limited research could tell me, had the best beer selection on PCB. This is the second time I convinced him to drive about three hours, round trip, so see me. I did introduce him to St. Bernardus 12 on tap. Paymon’s been out of the loop lately, so I let him know that the Seahawks won the Super Bowl and the Dolphins have at least one functional lineman now that Brendan Albert signed.

There’s nothing more rewarding in my many decades of interviewing than getting to meet people in person. I hope to do it more often.

Beach stuff: We arrived on Saturday, along with countless thousands of Spring Breakers. My wife’s on her spring break, grad school at Georgia State. I’ve only been to the beach in the summer, so arriving here to relatively cold weather and two days of torrential downpour was a little underwhelming. We finally got on the beach yesterday and I had an experience that’s all too common for me on the beach. I don’t apply sunscreen well. I missed a couple of spots and now I have a splotch of burn on my left ankle and on both biceps.

Football again: I hold to my theory that if you can make a lowball offer for the 1.03 rookie pick, get it. It seems like Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are going 1 and 2 in most drafts, regardless of where they end up. The draft always pushes guys up from pre-draft rankings and there’s going to be an obvious 3 there which will be a value compared to what it’s worth in most years. Hell, you could trade for the 1.03 and trade out of it when the guy to take becomes more clear after the draft.

Beach: We also arrived in time for St. Patrick’s Day. My only St. Patty’s Day tradition is to wear a green White Sox hat. I saw the kids (they are half my age, so they’re kids) bringing in 30 pack after 30 pack of Busch Lite and thought that some of them will know better some day. I didn’t drink a lot in college and got the taste when I discovered better beer in my mid-20s. I couldn’t carry on a solid binge-drinking conversation to save my life.

Football: The Titans’ free-agent signings have run the gamut from disappointing to boring. It’s a franchise that needs a spark although this year’s FA class isn’t going to do it. I would be interested in reading a detailed article about what Michael Oher offers as a right tackle. All I know is he was drafted to be a left tackle, started at right, moved to left, went back to right and was part of last year’s epic of sadness Ravens running game. In fantasy football, you’re not supposed to judge a player only on their previous year’s work but all I’m hearing is Oher is terrible because he wasn’t up to snuff in 2013. I’m pretty sure that the Titans’ rotation at RT was pretty close to the bottom last year, so maybe there’s something to be salvaged. The Chargers made a functional offensive line out of a lot of junk last year, and the Titans have a lot more to work with.

Beach: My in-laws like to watch beach cams on the Internet. It’s just a camera that points at the beach. They got us a gift card to a local restaurant that has a beach cam, and it was critical that we show up on the cam for them. I’ll do just about anything for a free steak.

Football: I’ll continue on my Titans rant. The Dexter McCluster signing is not the missing piece. I remember when McCluster earned the lowest “speed score”, and honestly I can’t remember if that’s a PFF thing or Football Outsiders. He was a prolific running back in college, but he was undersized and ran a relatively slow 40. He hasn’t been anything close to a “playmaker” in the NFL. He had two punt-return TDs last year but the Chiefs barely used him in that role in his first three years. I hear that The Whiz wants to use him in a Danny Woodhead role. I know Danny Woodhead, and Dexter McCluster’s no Danny Woodhead. I’m happy that it’s not an automatic time to go to the bathroom when the other team punts, but I don’t feel this signing has much to offer.

Beach: I brought seven books to the beach, and yeah, I don’t have a reader so that was like an entire extra bag that came with us. I completed Isaac Asimov’s Foundation on day 2. A man discovers the downfall of the galactic empire via math, and sneaks off to the far edge of the universe to write the Encyclopedia Galactica, a collection of the knowledge of humanity. The book was written in 1951, and even so the technology didn’t feel outdated. It was odd that the only female character of note was a wife. In that note, I’m surprised that the book hasn’t been made into a movie. It’s part of a series and I’ll check out the next one. Last night I finished an alt-history book called 1901, in which the Germans invade the U.S. Is it plausible? The U.S. had almost zero army at the time, and it was embroiled in the Philippines. Also, the Germans really did want a colonial empire like all the cool European nations. I enjoy alt history, although it makes me wonder if just reading the real thing would be better.

Football: It’s going to be tough sledding when it comes to getting an RB2 in fantasy drafts this year. You’re going to do the happy dance if you get Ben Tate. I noticed that most teams that signed an RB in free agency gave them a contract that the world howled at when the Titans gave Shonn Greene 3 years and $9 million. $3.5 million is the going rate in 2014. It’s going to be a mess of RBBC but I can see some daily fantasy values coming out of that. There will be a major battle between folks saying to take WR-WR versus those who beg for you to take two running backs before you end up with Toby Gerhart.

Beach: It’s time to go see it. See y’all later. Oh, I can’t grow a beard for shite, so I went without shaving since last Thursday. Check out my work.

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