Fantasy Files: Week in Fantasy (March 30, 2014)

Let’s see what we can come up with on this eventful (because there’s no downtime in the NFL offseason) week.

Podcasts of the week: I’ll talk about two. The absolute key to this year’s rookie draft pool is to know your wideouts. I started this offseason with the assumption that it’s Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, and everyone else. If it’s the consensus, then listening closely to individuals who disagree will be a huge help to either solidifying that opinion or changing direction. In this week’s 2 Mugs podcast, Rummy reminded us that Odell Beckham Jr. is his second-rated WR, and RotoViz’s own Jon Moore expressed a love sonnet for Penn State’s Allen Robinson. When one of your comps is Dez Bryant, you listen.

Compare those takes to the epic On the Couch. This is Sigmund Bloom’s baby, which includes a bit of getting into the head of the fantasy expert in addition to in-depth evaluation of players. He and Matt Waldman talked wideouts this week, and you could tell that if it were up to them, the podcast would have been five hours instead of two. They had to rush through the final half-dozen or so prospects because they spent so long talking about the first six. I think the reason why Sammy Watkins gets knocked a bit has two parts. One is that he doesn’t have elite height, and people have trouble investing 1.01 rookie picks in guys who don’t look like a Transformer. The second is due to his college results, wherein he was used on a lot of screen passes to free up fellow draft prospect Martavis Bryant.

They talked Watkins, Evans, Jordan Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin, Brandon Cooks and Marqise Lee, shoehorning a few other names in the final 20 minutes. If you happened to go into a sports bar and ended up next to Sig or Matt (despite their football love, I doubt I’d find either in such a joint, and not alone), you’d run out of time way before you ran out of topics.

The Audible’s bringing back their Thursday night show, this time in audio and Google + Hangout format. This week’s show had Cecil Lammey, Wild Man (Matt Waldman), and Jene Bramel. It’s more fun to hear these guys riff on the draft prospects and football in general than talk about current rumors, like a random Norv Turner comment about Taj Boyd and whether that reveals anything about the Vikings’ draft plans (hint: not so much).

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this year’s WR class, because it may eclipse the 2008 RB class in terms of dynasty value.

Speaking of podcasts, I’m going to give this genre another shot. I will be doing one with the fine and fabulous Sharona this Wednesday night. It’s going to be a trial, done via Google + Hangout. I know the “He said/She said” thing is a little played, but this one will be different, honest Snyder. I’m going to say my honest opinion about the Titans and she’s going to have a little sign that says “hater” in response. My projection is we’ll talk half about the Titans and half football in general, because it’s better than going to a sports bar and talking to a stranger, and it’s cheaper than therapy.

My interview with Pat Thorman will post tomorrow, either early morning or at lunchtime.

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