Ask Your Fantasy Football Blizter: Following up with Andy Miley

There are so many layers to last night’s Google + Hangout with Andy Miley and I don’t want to bog down this post with a ton of words when there’s 50 minutes of talk between us. I do want to say that Andy was my first interviewee, posted on May 30, 2011, and he even did a pre-call before I sent questions. Andy’s journey through the fantasy football wilderness has been fun to witness, from collaborating with Jim Day to starting Dynasty Blitz with Bryan Fontaine to becoming a Senior Writer at DLF and eventually leaving that post to go back to Dynasty Blitz.

Andy is a football guy. You’ll hear that on NFL Sundays, he’s watching two games like a forensic detective, taking notes on what he’s seeing. He even uses the proverbial shoe leather to attend college all-star games, including this year’s Senior Bowl. And he has quite a lovely man cave. Below is the hangout. Sorry about the lamp in the picture. I had notes on a second screen and didn’t see it. I may need to invest in a better setup if I continue to do these.

I’ll finish with a short commentary on Andy’s departure from DLF. Even on some of the more established fantasy sites, the staff designation is always tenuous at best. People are either unpaid or underpaid in most cases, and even if there’s a contract, it’s not going to be enforced in court. I like the fact that people can move on if they decide that things aren’t working out. This isn’t “till death do you part”. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the DLF crew, including interviewing about a dozen current or former contributors. I look forward to future interviews with more of them.

Tomorrow I will post my interview with Matt Lane of Fantasy Pigskin. He’s a Brit who focuses on the IDP side, so that should be excellent.

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