Ask Your Fantasy Football Future Star: Tony Fashoda

A couple of weeks ago, the fine folk (one, as far as I can tell) from Fantasy Blurb partnered with me to give away two of my interview books. One of the winners reached out to me and said that he wants to be a fantasy football writer. I can’t let a man give up on a dream, now can I? Perhaps one or two of you enterprising fantasy site owners will reach out to him in the near future. Here’s Tony.

Tony, why do you want to write about fantasy football? As most red-blooded American men, I love football. So when I finally started to play fantasy football five years ago (yeh, I was way late to the party), it provided an additional reason for me to sit and watch football when it was on. My first year was, lets just say, a trial run: only was in two leagues. [Zach note: I used to be a young guy and had no problem doing three to four leagues a day. Now that I’m older, I can barely pull off two.] What I found out during my first year though was that I was more entertained with following my fantasy team than watching the actual games. So, I decided to put more time and some actual money into fantasy football. I am now part of 2 keeper leagues, 1 dynasty league, and multiple regular leagues. I figure, if I’m putting in so many hours researching trends, home vs away analysis, weather analysis, stats, etc, why not start writing about my findings. My real fascination is with start/sit chats. I have found that every week there are millions of people asking questions about who to start and only a small percentage of those questions are able to get answered, due to time constraints. I would love to have a blog/site or be part of a site that 1) allows me to write some articles, but 2) lets me focus on what the majority of people out there want: answers to their dilemmas & my answer comes with a reasoning of why.

Where are you located and what’s your NFL team? I live just outside of Chicago, IL, so I’m a Chicago Bears fan day in & day out. Ironically, my best friend is a Green Bay Packer fan, so that makes for an exciting rivalry and great bets.

Do you think the Trestman offense will keep rolling in year two? Trying to keep my bias-ness in check, but I do think his offensive system will keep rolling. As the cliche states: “this is a passing league” and Trestman’s system changed a team that was a “defense-first” team into what looked to be, at times, an offensive juggernaut. [Zach note: The strategy certainly looked like “defense last” in 2013.] Health concerns aside, Cutler has one of the strongest arms in the league, but his accuracy & choices sometimes are questionable, which has shown to hurt the team some weeks. Forte is one of the best dual-threat backs in the game. The tandem of Marshall-Jeffery is arguably the best tandem in the NFL. Marshall has been the most consistent fantasy WR & with Jeffery proving he can play with the big boys, he takes that double, sometimes triple, coverage away from Marshall. Finally, with a big TE in Bennett that can block and catch, all these offensive weapons will keep defenses honest and throw up big points on any given Sunday.

Do you have one league that you want to win the most? I am in a 14 team PPR keeper/quasi-dyntasy IDP league with my best friends. This league, like most great leagues, is filled with trash talk but even better, the competitive drive from all owners evidenced by daily/weekly waiver pickups and trades. I’ve put most of my time and research into this league (as shown by my core of Rodgers, Lacy, Dez, & Marshall) all acquired via trade and so far it has paid off as I’ve made the playoffs every year and won the championship in my second year.

Do you have a favorite type of league? If you wanted to join a new league, what type of league would that be? I have never done an auction league or a 2-QB league, so those are two that I will be adventuring into this season. [Zach note: Talk to Sal.]

Is my book the greatest book you’ve read since the last one? Which fantasy expert do you want to be when you grow up? Yes Zach, your book is the greatest. Honestly, as I work my way through them, I keep thinking this is a brilliant concept for a book and a great way to meet guys with your same passion, excellent job! I would say Jamey Eisenberg is someone I put at the top of my list of “People to Meet.” [Zach note: He would pick a guy I haven’t interviewed yet.]

Here’s the big question. Start/sit time. You have a Corsendonk Dubbel on one end and a Bell’s Hopslam on the other. Who’s starting in your beer flex position? And here I thought I have tried many craft beers; I have no idea what those beers are. I guess I am way behind in the “craft beer arena.” In my fridge currently, I do have a 12 pack of Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust, which is my favorite.

If there’s anything else you want to reference, let me know. Zach, I appreciate all the help you have given me so far and for this interview, thank you! My hopes are my name gets out there and either I get my own blog going soon or someone takes a chance on me. If the latter does come true, whomever won’t regret it, I never have set a goal for myself that I have not reached.

And finally, in the famous words of Coach Ditka, GO BEARS!

You heard it here first, Tony owes me 10% of his future earnings, which as we all know means I’ll be looking forward to royalty checks for less than a penny.

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