Ask Your Football Fit Person: Paty Cakes of Thrive Sports and Pigskin Arch

"Can your sources confirm whether Winston was even able to partake of said heisted decapod crustaceans?"

With the draft mere hours away (less than a hundred, at least), it’s a good idea to talk to friends who “feel my pain” with the Titans’ recent history of being not good. Who would be better for that exercise than a follower of the St. Louis Rams? Paty Cake, aka Ms. Cakes to her Twitter followers, does that and more. We’ve talked about Jeff Fisher’s stache and its Kryptonite-like powers to not draft well at the skill positions, beer, and, well, those two subjects.

Pictured below: the elusive Corsendok, which Paty claims is not available in the St. Louis market. I may need to bring a case or two up, Coors-in-the-70s style.

How did you get started in football writing and when did it coalesce into The Pigskin Arch? It all began with Twitter. [Zach note: Seems like everything good and bad starts with Twitter.]

I originally got on Twitter for fantasy football updates. In 2009, @SidelinePass was looking for someone to write about the ups and downs of a fantasy season while juggling a family life so I said yes.

I think I was in three leagues at the time – won two and narrowly took second in the other. I still have fond (?) memories of owning Peyton Hillis and Ryan Torain in 2010.

Yes, I had a thing for former Mike Shanahan running backs at the time.

Not too long after that @AerysSports started and was looking for a St. Louis Rams writer and the rest is history.

In your Fitbit Force post, you say that you burned 300 calories writing an article. So we can call fantasy football writing a sport? Absolutely, don’t we all rise and grind for fake football just like the players do for real football?

I’m not sure if you are a Rams fan, but you sure write about them a ton. Ten years from now, how will Rams Nation regard the Jeff Fisher era? My crystal ball shows that Fisher’s tenure in St. Louis will end about the same as his tenure in Tennessee – good but not great.

Pro-Football-Reference says Fisher with a .542 winning percentage as the Oilers/Titans head coach. He’s currently .452 (14 wins-17 losses) with two years under his belt with St. Louis. [Zach note: Don’t forget the tie.]

This third year with Les Snead will be a crucial year not only for Sam Bradford but for this front office regime.

Dare I say, 2014 is make or break.

Then again, coming in after the 10-38 Steve Spagnuolo era does make mediocre football look great in some eyes. (I think I was channeling my inner @JustRVB with that last sentence.)

Will it be possible for the Rams to ever put together a competent offensive line or draft a decent WR? Those might be two of the biggest questions most Rams fans would like answered and answered quickly.

I don’t necessarily question the competency of the offensive line’s talent as much as their ability (or lack thereof) to stay healthy. Because of that I think depth at O-line is critical. (See next question.)

As for the WR question, specifically Brian Quick, I’ve got nothing for you. The Rams have to just hope and pray things finally click for Quick in 2014. [Zach note: There seems to be a problem with teams drafting guys with that first pick on the second day.]

The great Tavon Austin Experiment sputtered in 2013 mainly because it’s widely believed offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer didn’t have a clue what to really do with Tavon. I can’t disagree.

At least Stedman Bailey did start to show promise toward the end of the 2013 season. Austin Pettis and Chris Givens are more than serviceable but again, not (consistently) great.

In one word, they’re just kinda “meh.”

What positions should the Rams target with their two first-round picks? Where will you be for the draft? Rams need a OT, S, WR1, OLB, QB2.

That said, if Houston doesn’t take Clowney at first overall I’d love to see him in St. Louis. If not, trade down a bit, fill a need, and collect more picks.

Obviously, the Rams are well endowed on the defensive line. But who’s to say the rich can’t get richer.

Can you imagine a rotation of Robert Quinn, Chris Long, Jadeveon Clowney, and Williams Hayes?! [Zach note: William Hayes is the one signing from the Titans who’s actually worked out.]

They should draft an offensive lineman for depth and for future grooming though. Acquiring weapons is great and all (Tavon Austin and talks of Sammy Watkins) but if Bradford doesn’t have enough time to lock and load, what’s the point?

Jake Long – (Fill in the blank) – Scott Wells – Rodger Saffold – Joe Barksdale.

Long and Wells, as good as they were in their prime, are in the twilight of their careers. Not to mention Long is coming back from a torn ACL/MCL. Wells has had his share of knee issues as well as breaking his fibula near the end of last season.

Saffold has his own injury rap sheet (torn pectoral, knees, shoulder, etc.) that kept the Rams trainer Reggie Scott a very busy man.

Given Jeff Fisher’s drafting history, taking offensive lineman in the first round it’s highly doubtful though. Then again Fisher didn’t really have a great need to do so in Tennessee/Houston, correct? I guess we’ll all just have to wait for Thursday night.

On May 8, I will be attending my daughter’s spring band concert.

Don’t tell anyone but I may or may not be watching NFL Network from my smart phone. #sources

When did you find your “writing fedora”, and what magical powers does it possess? We met in the summer of 2011. I remember it well.

I was suffering from a terrible case of writer’s block so I went to find some inspiration via retail therapy. And there it was in a display case at Nordstroms.

It was love at first sight and a perfect fit, I might add.

Is triathlete another word for crazy person? Finishing a half Ironman, which is a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, 13.1-mile run (half marathon), is an item on my bucket list.

So yes, I’m a crazy person. Guilty as charged.

Do you have a fantasy football league that you want to win the most? I want to will all of them equally, Zach. [Zach note: She’s been listening to Jeff Fisher press conference answers.]

You play to win the game. *Herm Edwards voice*.

The spouse question: Does your husband have any issues with your football obsession? My husband is an enabler of my football addiction.

He takes the kids out of the house during my fantasy football drafts and holds down the Cakes household while I’m off doing footbally things.

Football or sex: which do you think of more? Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’ll just say, no comment.

What’s your usual Sunday football tradition? Ideally? Wake up before the sunrise, grab some coffee from my Keurig, go for a quick run, church if I can wake the kids up, then settle down for a day of football.

What really happens most Sundays: I sleep in until 8:00 a.m., make coffee, grab my laptop, read Twitter as I’m listening to NFL Game Day while I’m looking over my fantasy football rosters.

Which football writers are on your must-read list? I enjoy reading Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and his MMQB and Sports On Earth’s Mike Tanier.

For Rams-centric news Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and ESPN NFL Nation’s Nick Wagoner are both trustworthy sources.

For fantasy football I read Roto World’s Evan Silva and The Fake Football along with a bunch of other sites.

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. There’s life outside of football? I kid, I kid…

I’m a proud mom and wife, I dabble in the culinary arts when inspired, and I’m a closet karaoke singer.

Is there anything I failed to ask that you’d like to address? When will be sharing some Corsendonk ale? [Zach note: We’ll get that Belgian train to St. Louis started.]

Let me know about any sites/podcasts/contests that you’d like to ‘plug’. Currently I write for Thrive Sports, “a media hub that entertains, engages and inspires athletes and fans with the best in sports programming” and every once and a while I scribble things on my own site The Pigskin Arch when I can.

Maybe there will be a podcast in the distant future but for now I just faithfully listen to The Rich Eisen Podcast. [Zach note: You should be the guest-host.]

Thanks so much again for having on your “show.”

It’s a very big show. Thanks Paty for the excellent commentary. Go Rams. The post-Fisher era will be glorious.

Follow Paty on Twitter.

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