Weekend Beer Post: What Zach Drank, 5/19/2014 edition

I had a fabulous beer-fueled weekend. It started with a journey to a local beer joint that’s earned national attention. The Brick Store Pub is a Decatur institution that’s very Belgian-friendly. In an unusual twist, their taps dedicated to Belgians went to American Belgian styles in honor of American Craft Beer Week. This did not slow me in the least.

I tried the Three Taverns Quasimodo. I like my Belgians that are divisible by two. The Dubbel and Quad styles are my types. This brewery, situated a five-minute walk from the Brick, features a Belgian brewmaster. The beer itself is dark, rich, and has just a tinge of bitterness at the finish.

As long-time readers know, I have a cork fetish. If a beer has a cork in it, I’m 120% more likely to enjoy it. The special for the evening was an Allagash Dubbel. I’ve had American Belgian-style beers and my main issue is they get too creative and throw things like coriander in the mix. The waiter explained that the beer was from their cellar and it was from 2008. They gave me a sample of the current year dubbel and the aged one was so much darker and richer. It was one of the best beers I’ve tasted in a long time and at $10 for a 750 ml bottle in a restaurant, it was thievery. I went to my local liquor store on Saturday and bought a bottle of the current year Allagash Dubbel reserve, with plans on opening it some time in the distant future. The only issue with beer is that like dynasty fantasy prospects, I’m not so patient.

Other beers tried this weekend:

21st Amendment Monk’s Blood: You want to try this based on the name alone. I’ve had issue with 21st because of their love of cans, and in that form, beer always tastes like a can. In draft form, I’ve been happy. Check out these ingredients: “Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Dried Black Mission Figs, Aged on Oak Spirals”. Yeah, it was sweet, but quite decadent.

Bison Brewing Organic Chocolate Stout: On their site, it’s referred to as “Barry White’s voice in a bottle”. This is a top-notch dessert beer, all sweetness, no bitterness, more please.

I like my bombers, and wasn’t let down by Clown Shoes’ Brown Angel. Why have a brown ale when you can have a double? You get that dark chocolate flavor along with some coffee and some bitterness. It was a really good beer and well worth the $8 sticker price.

I’ll try to keep posting this often enough for you to continue questioning my sobriety.

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