Fantasy Files: Rookie draft trading while on the clock

I covered round 1 and rounds 2-3. I thought that me making snarky comments about the picks in rounds 4-6 would be kind of been-there, done-that, so I’m going to write about an aspect of rookie drafts that makes them fun beyond almost anything else. It’s the trading, stupid.

For the completists, here’s a link to the full draft results.

I’m not posting every draft pick trade, because there were at least a dozen before the draft started. I’ll focus on the ones made after the draft got rolling. There were nine trades during the draft, and wouldn’t you know it, I was involved in four.

Trade #1, made Saturday “morning” at 12:25 a.m.

Titans give up 2.02, 5.09
Eagles give up 2.09, 3.05, 3.06

I covered this trade in the rounds 2-3 recap. I didn’t love anyone at 2.02, but of course when Brian selected Cody Latimer I thought “I want to go to there.” Typical. Here’s the final trade with actual players taken with the picks.

Titans get 2.09 (Johnny Manziel), 3.05 (2015 2nd round pick), C.J. Mosley
Eagles get Cody Latimer, Kevin Norwood

The Josh Gordon news dominated day two of the NFL Draft, and for good reason. Many a dynasty fantasy footballer joined #teamshowercry on that day. Well, our Brit and German owners made a trade in the middle of the night that involved one pick, so here goes:

49ers give up C.J. Spiller, Jeremy Maclin, 2.05 (Kelvin Benjamin)
Chargers give up Josh Gordon

If you have Josh Gordon on your roster, your theory about how risk-averse you are is quickly going to turn into practice. Is this a “three nickels for a quarter” deal? Benjamin’s a wild card here, an older yet underdeveloped player who could earn his fantasy keep due to jump balls in the red zone.

Titans give up 3.05
Bucs give up 2015 2nd

I showed my super human strength by not giving into rookie derangement syndrome (no known cure) and passed the buck to 2015. I’m trying to channel my inner Baalke.

Panthers give up pick 3.10
Bucs give up picks 4.06, 5.06, 6.06

Generally speaking, it’s a mistake to trade multiple picks for one. Then again, not everyone’s making the roster, and picks in the 4th through 6th rounds don’t pan out as often as we’d like. What became of those picks? The Bucs got Storm Johnson at 3.10. The Panthers, and this is Josh Norris, guy who only thinks of the NFL Draft all day, got Ryan Shazier (more on that later), Deone Bucannon, and Logan Thomas. That’s one potential stud LB, a starting safety and this year’s Adrian McPherson for the Jags’ third-string RB.

Rams give up 3.11, 6.11
Chiefs give up 2015 2nd round pick

This is the pick that my dad famously traded for then tried to immediately trade it again. That didn’t work. My dad got Dri Archer at 3.11 and Aaron Donald, who may be surprisingly startable at DL this year, at 6.11.

After making pick 3.06, I was “done” until 6.09. No true #degenerate fantasy owner can sit on the sidelines and watch great players get on rosters. My initial thought was to try to offer a 2015 3rd-round pick for an early 4th, as “my guy” was there. I didn’t have luck at first until I reached out to Ben, aka Whibberz aka 2013 league champs. We dickered around and this is where history can be in your favor. He’s been trying to trade for Hakeem Nicks for years, and I couldn’t do it because I wanted to make sure his value completely tanked first. Ben threw out Nicks for the 4.03 which I thought was a little light. I put Nicks’ value at a 2nd-rounder. My LBs were weak last year and Ben didn’t have a lot invested in Paul Worrilow, so I threw him in the deal as a sweetener. We ended up with this deal:

Titans give up Hakeem Nicks
49ers give up 4.03, Paul Worrilow

I took Paul Richardson with that pick. If he busts, I’m coming after you, Matt Waldman, and your little cat too. Actually I’m pretty sure that Zook could take me.

It’s always fun to trade for multiple picks then trade one of those picks for a future pick. That’s what Mr. Norris did with 4.06.

Panthers give up 4.06
49ers give up 2015 3rd round pick

I think our league would have about two trades a year if it weren’t for me and Ben. Ben already divested himself of C.J. Spiller and he decided to let go of one of the most valuable dynasty RBs out there in this blockbuster:

Pats give up Montee Ball, Julio Jones
49ers give up LeSean McCoy, Cecil Shorts, Alec Ogletree, 2015 4th round pick, 2015 6th round pick

Now that’s what I call a trade. Ben’s going for the through-the-roof fantasy potential for Ball this year, not because he’s good, but because he’ll be facing two-man fronts all year. Julio Jones would usually be impossible to get in a dynasty league because elite young WRs have the greatest long-term value. If we’re only talking 2014, McCoy’s pretty darn good and should remain so for two-three more years, and in RB years, that’s all you can ask for. The rest feel like throw-ins although Ogletree could be a starting LB on Paul’s team for 5-7 years.

I had to finish up the trades with one more in the 6th to again get “my guy”.

Titans give up 2015 5th
Pats give up 6.04

I tried this trade with 6.01-6.04 and someone finally bit. I picked Jeff Janis, beloved by all the RotoViz wonks. Janis may not even make the Packers’ final roster.

That’s a look at the trades from the 2014 rookie draft, brought to you by beer and more beer. When the draft started, I had the following picks: 1.02, 2.02, 3.02, 5.09, 6.09. I ended the draft with 1.02 (Mike Evans), 2.09 (Johnny Manziel), 3.02 (Austin Seferian-Jenkins), 3.06 (C.J. Mosley), 4.03 (Paul Richardson), 6.04 (Jeff Janis), and 6.09 (James Wilder Jr.). I added a 2015 2nd-round pick and lost a 2015 5th-round pick. I said goodbye to five-year Titan Hakeem Nicks and added Paul Worrilow.

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