Fantasy Files: June 2014, OTAs and WTFs

This has been a hectic week in real life and in football life. I did a couple of shows and I’ll link to them in this article. Yes, I wore a digital tiara while quoting Maya Angelou to open this week’s Going for Two hangout. Her words probably were too literary and coherent to be included in a discussion of the Titans and fantasy football, but the gravitas was welcome. Hell of a woman, hell of a life, do one of those Google searches and find out for yourself. Here’s the Wednesday night show:

On Thursday night, I did the Faked Goods Podcast. While I listen to around a half-dozen fantasy football podcasts a week, I haven’t done a guest spot in a long time. I thought it would be complicated but Chad told me that they kept it simple, doing a Google Hangout and using the audio. Thanks Chad for noting that I was power-yawning about halfway through. To be fair, we met at 9 p.m. my time, didn’t start the podcast until 10, and went past 11. We have a cat with an obsession for howling for sink water at 3 a.m. nearly every night, so I haven’t been sleeping. It was that or we were talking about the AFC South, the division where fantasy hope goes to die.

Rich Hribar might be the fantasy football whisperer. Dude knows so much about the details of games that it makes me a little scared. Here’s the cast.

It was a bad week for stud LBs, as both Sean Lee and Daryl Washington were KO’d for the 2014, for different reasons. It’s time to look up Anthony Hitchens and Kevin Minter, their likely fill-ins.

It was a good week for mock drafts, as The Fake Football posted a mock-draft-onater. I know that’s not the technical name but I’m using it. I did one mock draft from the one slot and got the following team:

1.01: Jamaal Charles
2.12: Alshon Jeffrey
3.01: Jordy Nelson
4.12: Cordarrelle Patterston
5.01: Shane Vereen
6.12: Joique Bell
7.01: Cam Newton
8.12: Jordan Reed
9.01: Lamar Miller
10.12: Cecil Shorts
11.01: Antonio Gates
12.12: Alex Smith
13.01: Johnny Manziel
14-17: defenses, kickers

I’m going by my local keeper league rules, which are strict 3 QB, 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K 2 D roster limits. I’d draft another RB/WR and probably one fewer QB if I could. But dang, Alex Smith and Johnny Manziel practically for free late? I doubt my real league will draft like this but that’s not the point. The point is to start somewhere, and where better than the #1 pick?

A few short thoughts:

I did go with pass-catching RBs who aren’t obvious starters as my RBs 2 and 3. Vereen scored insane points when he was healthy last year (except when I started him in DFS, naturally) and Joique Bell is going to be everyone’s secret weapon who won’t be so secret by August. The WRs available at the 2/3 turn were insane. I did take Cam instead of waiting on QB because I haven’t done well in my own personal attempts to be a late-round QB devotee. Plus Cam’s cheap. I saw Russell Wilson go about six rounds later and almost cried. Jordan Reed’s in the “he’s awesome if he’s healthy” all-star team. Having to draft two kickers and team defenses seems un-American.

Five players whose draft position shocked me:

1.06: Arian Foster — I thought he was a second-round guy. There is a drop-off at RB5 so plan accordingly.
2.07: Andre Ellington — You could have picked him up in the third round of your rookie draft last year, and that would have been a “reach”.
3.09: Rashad Jennings — Drafting a Giants’ RB doesn’t give me or anyone warm fuzzies.
4.10: Terrance Williams — Jerry Jones must be in the code somewhere.
10.04: Tom Brady — The Fake Football gets that Brady was not a fantasy stud in 2013. One pick in front of Brady? Black Unicorn.

This week in content, I have an interview with Jon Moore, aka “The CFX” on Twitter. I’ll try not to insult any literary legends on this week’s Going for Two, which may or may not be moving to Thursdays.

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