Ask Your Fantasy Football Phenom: Jon Moore of RotoViz, part 2

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Let’s continue with RotoViz and Roto Academy writer Jon Moore.

Have you experienced being in fantasy leagues in which people steal all of “your” guys because of your articles? I noticed after last season that almost all the guys in my high school friends league started following me on Twitter, and that was great because I never told them where to find me, but sucked because it kinda blew my cover. I have no idea how I’m going to get any of my favorite guys this year, short of writing ingenuous articles like “Brandin Cooks is the worst!” just to see if I can get people off my trail, but I probably won’t end up doing that. [Zach Law: I’m thinking a sister site called that has all of your anti opinions.]

Who are some dynasty dudes worth stashing in your deeper leagues now? I’m not sure how deep you’re talking, but here are some names that are relatively cheap to acquire, but I think could pay dividends in 2015 and beyond:

Brock Osweiler… It doesn’t seem like people are taking John Elway’s comments seriously that Brock Osweiler is the future at QB in Denver. I have him stashed in multiple leagues.

CJ Anderson… Considering the history of Wisconsin RBs in the NFL, I’m a little amazed by the fascination with Montee Ball. If he gets hurt or struggles, Anderson probably becomes the lead back. Considering the Broncos kept him on the active roster as an injured UDFA for most of last season, I think they like him a lot.

I wanted to avoid talking about rookies on this list, but I’m keeping a close eye on Panthers’ RBs Tyler Gaffney and Darrin Reaves for 2015 and beyond. The guys in front of them are so expensive and injury-prone that if I could foresee one of these guys being the starter at some point in 2015. [Zach note: I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t hate the Panthers’ RB situation.]

Marlon Brown… I don’t think Steve Smith has much left in the tank and Marlon Brown caught seven touchdowns in 14 games as a rookie. Oh, and he’s 6’4″.

Marquess Wilson… It looks like he’ll be the slot WR in Chicago this year with the long term potential to be the #2 in Chicago. Of all receivers drafted since 2006, Wilson had the best age-adjusted career of anyone. Yes, anyone. He was ridiculous at age 18-20 at Washington State. His time will come. [Zach note: Your love of the “-quess” is well known.]

Jermaine Kearse… if there’s such a thing as a starting receiver for a Super Bowl champion being anonymous, Jermaine Kearse is it. Had an amazing junior year at Washington and has made an incredible ascent from being a UDFA to where he is now.

Gavin Escobar and Vance McDonald… both were 2nd round picks in 2013 and everyone’s acting like they don’t exist this year. I especially love Escobar who has a tremendous Phenom Index score and looks like he’ll succeed the aging Jason Witten.

Is there something to the theory that you should trade rookie picks during the draft to get maximum return on your investment (unless Allen Robinson’s on the board, amirite)? Absolutely. The way I look at it is “how many picks could I move back and still be happy scooping up whoever falls.” Just this weekend I traded pick 1.03 for 1.08 & a 2015 first and was thrilled to draft Davante Adams and have extra ammo for next year. When it’s your turn to pick and there’s a tier of 4-5 guys you’d consider there, see if you can slide back a few spots and add future picks. People discount the future WAY too much. [Zach note: I always thought the trading up for a round higher in the future was a no-brainer, although once I traded a 5.01 for a future 4th and it ended up being the 4.12.]

What’s the day job? I have worked in alumni relations for a university in Ohio for the past two years. My main responsibilities are related to student & young alumni programming. Before that, I worked for a non-profit that was linked to college campuses. Within that space, my long-term goal would be to ascend to an executive director position, but I’m also optimistic that a full-time football opportunity will present itself, which would be a dream come true.

The spouse question: Does your wife/sig other/girlfriend have any issues with your football obsession? I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the last 13 months and she is very supportive of my football obsession. Obviously it helps that she’s not around all the time, or she might get annoyed with my time allocation, but I think I do a good job of giving her my full attention when we are together. We’re two very independent people who are supportive of each other’s pursuits, so it works out.

Football or sex: which do you think of more? That depends on the time of day.

What’s your usual Sunday football tradition? I know what you’re asking here, but football is more than a Sunday thing for me. Saturdays include watching College Gameday and at least two games. On Sundays I’ll watch one of the pre-game shows and set my lineups for my various fantasy leagues. I’m a Giants fan, so I usually try to watch their game and one other. Typically I’ve got a phone or computer in front of me so I can watch the scoreboards and keep an eye on social media. [Zach note: I probably should have asked what your routine for non-football days was, like Tuesdays, and not the Tuesdays when they show the MAC.]

Which football writers are on your must-read list? Shawn Siegele — not only is he a brilliant and fearless football mind, he also is the person who got me in the door when he allowed me to guest post at Money In The Banana Stand in fall 2012. I try to read everything he writes.

Frank DuPont a.k.a. Fantasy Douche — When I first found I read every article ever published there within two days. A few months after that I got a DM from Frank that said “hey, do you want to work with me on this project?” and I almost fell out of my chair. You’d think that by working closely with someone you’d acclimate to their awesomeness, but not Frank; he never ceases to amaze me.

R.C. Fischer — R.C. is one of the reasons why I started crunching numbers. I loved his work at but I wanted to get the numbers out of the black box. At first I tried to reverse engineer his calculations and then I figured out my own stuff. He does great work though and there was a time when I first got going that I bounced a lot of emails back and forth with him.

Greg Peshek — A lot of RotoViz guys talk about how great it would be to have a PFF of college football and I think Greg satisfies that niche in a way. He does a lot of work with charting film and bringing out the advanced stats that few others would be willing to calculate. If only he had a small army to help process more film.

I also want to thank Evan Silva, Chad Parsons, Davis Mattek, Ryan McDowell, James Todd, Ryan Rouillard and the 2MugsFF writers for their ongoing support of my work.

Is there one fantasy league that you want to win over all others? The RotoViz Dynasty League is fun, but there’s one I want to win more. My good friend Andrew Moody is the commissioner of a long-running league of high school buddies. There’s a little money on the line, but bragging rights trump all. It’s the kind of league where I’ll get a trade proposal on a random Tuesday in March because guys are always working an angle. It’s fun.

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. In college I helped start a fraternity and grow it to 50+ men in just a few years. That was a profound experience in my life that has helped shape the person I am today. Consequently, I stay involved as an alumnus volunteer. Basically, that means that I facilitate educational programs and work on alumni engagement projects. I know that fraternities get a bad name, but my involvement has absolutely changed my life for the better and continues to pay dividends.

Let me know about any plugs/sites/podcasts/contests that you’d like to ‘plug’. Be on the lookout for “RotoViz Radio: A Football Podcast” which is scheduled to launch around July 1st. Find Jon at RotoViz.

Thanks Jon for the thorough answers. Follow Jon on Twitter.

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