Fantasy Files: Who Wants to Live Forever? Fantasy Immortality

There are movies that trigger the badass wannabe in every young boy. For me that movie was Highlander. The 1986 film starred Christopher Lambert, and in a bit of slumming, Sean Connery, as immortal sword fighters. Naturally, all of the immortals had to ruin a good thing by trying to kill each other until there was only one left.

I guess you’re not really immortal if you die when your head gets cut off, but let’s not be overly pedantic. You, too, can achieve immortality, and for you, there doesn’t have to be just “one”. All dynasty assets have a lifespan, and you know when that’s about to expire. If you’re lucky, you can time your trades so you let an older player go for a younger player, making an old rookie pick live on.

I selected Matt Forte 1.05 in the 2008 rookie draft. I traded him, more or less, for the 2014 1.02. That pick turned into Mike Evans. The best part of making such a deal is that I didn’t lose any of my existing draft picks. In my dream scenario, Evans is a perennial top-five WR for the next five to eight years, and in 2022 I trade him for a first-round rookie pick.

Note that your window is narrow for this kind of deal, and naturally you have to pick good players in the first place, not always my strong suit. I didn’t trade Ray Rice as his value peak during last year’s offseason and now he’s teetering on the precipice of fantasy irrelevancy. I dealt Hakeem Nicks, pick 1.08 in the 2009 draft, for 4.03 in this year’s draft. That’s less likely to turn into a long-term fantasy starting position, but at least I didn’t get my head chopped off.

As for Highlander, it led to a horrible sequel and a mostly forgotten TV series. I’m kind of surprised that it hasn’t been rebooted with Channing Tatum reprising the dead-eyed look of Lambert, most boring immortal dude ever. It wouldn’t be the same without him and minus the excellent soundtrack by Queen.

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