Going for Two: A Quad and a Cab Walked into a Bar

It was the worst of times, and it was more of the worst of times. This week’s episode was about love and heartbreak, how a sport that bores the hell out of many Americans can also break our heart. I brought up the recent NFL Network show featuring Kurt Warner “watching” Super Bowl 34. I drank a Three Taverns Quasimodo Quad, a deep, rich experience that allowed me to properly wallow in my pain, 14 years in the making.


Soccer heartbreak and Super Bowl 34 memories: first 15 minutes
Titans defensive line, linebackers, and who the bleep is playing where: second 15 minutes
Scattered, smothered, and covered fantasy talk, focusing on QBs we “love” and the first edition of Zach’s basic fantasy strategy (finding average talents in extraordinary situations): final 30 minutes

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