Talkin’ Titans on the Tube: Week 3

Yes, I thought of that title all by myself. This week I talked avatars, #ginjaninja and the Icky Shuffle with Whudey aka T aka Allie Fontana’s new Twitter crush. Behold, Know Your Enemy, Bengals Stompin’ Edition:

Note the beer, the “Boulder Shake” by Boulder Beer, quite possibly my favorite chocolate porter of all time. So smooth, so sweet, a milkshake in beer form.

Sharona and I did our Going for 2 thing again, trying not to focus on Jake Locker’s impressive underperformance in the home opener. I was duly given crap for not meeting Sharona to watch her Vols receive an out-of-conference beat-down. Be like Missouri and schedule Indiana/Purdue/UConn years in advance. Yes, I drank wine, a lovely Shiraz from Gumdale that I buy by the case.

Yes, that is a real Pacman Jones jersey with a yellow Pac Man logo sewn in.

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