Talking Titans on the Tube: Week 6

There was pain and there was last Sunday. The Browns, led by “American Hoyer Story”, rallied to beat the Titans last week because I need a reminder of that crap. Will you honor or pity the poor Titan fans who show up to this week’s Titans/Jags game?

Sharona was kind enough to meet with me after doing the NFL Female podcast. We talked about the game, when exactly hope went to die, and how the team is going to continue after some key injuries, including Sharona’s man Bernard Pollard.

Brad Hill aka CaliforniaJag cleaned off his phone just for me. We had a few delays in the audio but got to talk about the Titans/Jags rivalry, including my favorite year, the Titans’ sweep of the Jags in 1999 when the Jags went 14-0 against the rest of the league. It’s Bortles time in Jacksonville plus a lot of other rookies, so they seem to be a year ahead of the Titans in terms of rebuilding.

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