The 2 Mugs Tap Runs Dry

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The end of the fantasy football season means a few things. I get to crow or cry about the performance of my teams, and a lot of podcasts go “south” for the offseason.

A couple are going away to live on a farm. Last week I watched the final Sports Wunderkind cast, and it was a nice sendoff to Coleman, but this isn’t about him.

I first heard tale of the 2 Mugs podcast in my early days of interviewing. I even did a short segment on the show talking about the Titans. There were a couple of details that caught my ear. First of all, they cursed. Now, it was one or two “shits” per episode, nothing big, but every other fantasy cast I listened to avoided curse words like we try to avoid having New England Patriot running backs on our fantasy rosters. Second of all, they were beer guys, as evidenced by their annual beer draft. I made sure I was part of that party.

I’ve learned a lot about Ryan and Rummy in the years since we met and they were interviews #12 and #13 in the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert series. Ryan’s a Chiefs fan stuck in Milwaukee who may enjoy playing daily fantasy golf over fantasy football. Rummy set the record for shortest interview, can get salty on the Twitters, but shares his personal side, most recently with a story about his missing brother.

They’re not leaving the industry as much as checking the wind. Redraft coverage is going to slide in 2015 as more people get invested in daily fantasy. When we hear about people making a living off it, including some making life-altering money, yeah, this is a big deal. I’ll post the show and add my comments once I listen to it.

Here’s the final “very big show” with special guest RotoPat of Rotoworld.

Comments from the show:

Is Davis Mattek the Ted McGinley of podcasts? He gets Coleman’s last show and he becomes the “special guest star” on the final season of the 2 Mugs. There’s a .1% chance Davis gets that reference.

It was a fairly standard show covering this week’s games. I enjoyed Rumford’s reference to the 49ers/Chargers game as “This is a bum fight, basically.”

Pat made a great point at the end, that this was one of the most beloved weekly fantasy football podcasts because Ryan and Rummy were having fun, kept things loose and threw in jokes when appropriate.

Oh, and if they can’t host the annual 2 Mugs Beer draft, I can take that responsibility.

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