Week 16: Fantasy Insanity

I may or may not post my feelings as the day goes on, but at least I’ll share my matchups because that’s exciting for everyone.

Local keeper league: That’s right, as the #7 seed I have two consecutive upsets to get me into the Big Game. I face the #5 seed who scored the #1 points in the league. Here are the lineups, about 15 minutes from kickoff:

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.39.49 PM

So yeah, I’m on the left and I am the big underdog. How do I feel about this matchup?


In matchup #2, I’m playing Matt Rittle in a Fanium league. It’s an app so I can’t grab a cool screen shot. My lineup:

QB1: Mark Sanchez (30 points, I’m as surprised as you)
QB2: RGIII (10 points, guess who shouldn’t have cut Kaep)
RBs: Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster
WRs: Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Demaryius Thomas, Kelvin Benjamin
TEs: Antonio Gates (39 points, luv ya Gatesie), Dwayne Allen

The Rittlenator:
QBs: Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck
RBs: CJ Anderson, Mark Ingram
WR: Marques Colston, DeSean Jackson (29 points), Donte Moncrief, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Rob Gronkowski

Amazing, I have three players “cross-pollinating”, aka playing both sides. Do I have a shot in this matchup?


I’m also finishing out an MFL10 with Ladd Davies, and I came into the week with about a 7-point lead. Since this is “best ball”, I won’t post the possibilities but I’ll link to the league page. I’m going to be jamming out to this one all weekend.


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