Going for 2, Furious Anger Edition

This week, we tried to avoid talking about the Titans as much as possible. We have plenty of time to talk about the draft and the horrible, painful, no-good Nashville NFL franchise. On this week’s very big show, we discussed:

The painfully weak NFL coach class. Seriously, Jack Del Rio? I started a Twitter hash tag #delrioexcited to show how relatively unexciting that signing was for Raiders fans or fans of winning games. Sure, he was good with the Jaguars, but that was a long time and we don’t want to remember when the Jaguars were good.

I started a bit of a Twitter thing yesterday at lunch when I asked what sports team defeat made you the most angry. Now, some of us hold our emotions in except during football season. Some of us are just angry people. It was Scott Fish, health be upon him, who mentioned that he’s gotten emotional but not angry. Not to kill the bit on the actual show, but I’ve gone from an angry football fan (a punch thrown after the 1987 Fiesta Bowl) to a shocked, generally sad fan (2009 divisional loss by the Titans to the Ravens). Is that progress? I’ll say yes.

We chatted a bit about the college football playoff and how it’s a matter of when, not if, it expands to eight. Will that be enough? I doubt it, but it may stick at eight for a while. Cardele Jones’ “will he or won’t he” come out decision yesterday was another major Twitter theme from Thursday. We agreed that it was probably the right move, even if it will be hard to top his playoff run from 2014-15.

On with the show. As always, follow Sharona on Twitter.

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