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Today is my birthday. It’s supposed to be a moment of reflection and celebration, so that means a self-indulgent trip down memory lane as an excuse for a blog post.

On my 21st birthday, the first alcoholic beverage I purchased legally was…a Zima. In fact, I bought two. I had a dinner with friends and I literally was the only person there who could legally drink. What an odd evening that was.

For a long time I was embarrassed about my early beverage preferences. I’m still embarrassed. Who are we kidding? Now instead of trying to bury that story, I’m embracing it because baby, I’ve come a long way.

In my 40th year, I failed to have a mid-life crisis, but I:

Got a paying gig in fantasy football. As every one of my fantasy-football gigs went in the past, it didn’t persist. I enjoyed my odd man in an echo chamber experience of being the solo writer at Fantasy Sports Dot Org and thank Mister David Kitchen for the opportunity.

Added to my interview tally: This was my most sparse year in doing interviews. I still enjoy the format, and probably will fold it into my weekly show

Maintained a weekly Google Hangout: While I’ve struggled to work well with others in a semi-professional writing format, I’ve stuck with the Going for 2 show with Sharona every week, and we’re going to play through the offseason, despite a mutual distaste for the Tennessee Titans organization. We still both like football, so a more general look at America’s favorite reality show should yield a better program. We’re looking at having more guests, which should expand our horizons.

I had a somewhat boring epiphany: You expect an epiphany to come with some heavenly trumpets, but in my case it was in a t-shirt. My wife purchased a second Seattle Seahawks shirt last week, and it made me realize that she’s a bigger fan of the Seahawks than I am of the Tennessee Titans. And I kind of liked it. My fanaticism for one NFL franchise died so slowly and gradually that when it flat-lined, it was more of a relief than anything else.

Championship: We measure success in such odd ways. I won my local league title for the first time in 12 years. I get the trophy back in August.

I gave up the wheel: I quit as commissioner in my dynasty league after nine seasons. When you want something to be a success, sometimes you notice that the thing keeping it from blossoming fully is your own meddling.

It was another year of meeting some incredible people, drinking good beer, taking that next critical step in becoming a grill master, and losing a dear friend at the end of 2014.

Sting and Zach

Sting and Zach

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