Going for 2: Pre- and Post-Super Bowl Thoughts

I haven’t posted in a little while. It’s an odd time of the year with the football season officially ending and a new one beginning approximately a tenth of a second later. That’s right, we’re in “there is no offseason” territory, and it’s awesome.

We’re ramping up the show by bringing in “very special” guests on a weekly basis. Last week we had the lovely and talented (and depressed, thanks Peyton) Brandon Marianne Lee of Her Fantasy Football. I’m sad that in our extended conversation that I didn’t have a chance to ask her about her thoughts on A Gronking to Remember (and if you want more, check out the Her Fantasy Football podcast).

She had the ultimate fantasy football frustration moment when her husband won their family league. Oh, to have the trophy in your own home but it does not belong to you, the frustration.

Note that Brandon joined the show around 30 minutes in and I initially planned to stop at an hour but we were having too much fun.

Last night, we invited tie-meister and ladies’ man Matt Rittle onto the program. He showed off his tie chops with a trinity knot. I wanted him on the show because he’s known in the industry as an MFL10 master, and he’s already joined his first one of the season. Quick note: MFL10s are a draft-only fantasy league in which you pay $10, draft against 10 people, and the top scorer (best ball) through 16 weeks of the season wins $100. The Rittler played in 40 of them two years ago and an astonishing 70 last year. Again, we brought Matt in around 30 minutes into the show and talked to him for about an hour. He may win for the best beer by a guest with his Lagunitas Sucks selection.

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