Dynasty Free Agency: Five “Unweird” Tricks

Yeah, that headline was just for click-bait purposes. Every year our Zealots dynasty league has a free-agency auction period. We’ve streamlined it a bit so it’s fairly simple to pull off. Here are the rules:

Everyone keeps 40 players (yeah, it’s the kiddie pool of depth)
Everyone has 8 “restricted” free agents and they get the “zbucks” if someone else signs one of their players.
This period continues until the draft, pauses for the rookie draft then continues for the rest of the summer.
When a high bid stays for 48 hours, you win the player.

Duron Carter, related to Cris Carter. Dynasty asset?

There’s no need in this kind of setup to rush like the NFL teams who camp out in a free agent’s driveway at midnight of the beginning of the time period to sign players. It’s hard to not get excited, then realize that you got all worked up about bidding one “zbuck” on Da’Rick Rogers.

Five “tricks” for free agency:

“Bump” your players: When one of your free agents is in the running, “bump” the auction. The worst thing that could happen is you end up with your own player.
Know your needs: I could use a backup QB, and there are almost zero QBs available. Who’s currently being bidded on? Brian Hoyer and Carson Palmer. Be still my heart.
Consider the roller coaster: It’s pretty hot and heavy for the first week or so. After that, things calm down. It’s a good time to grab some $1 players who have that upside.
Play the message boards: If there ever is a time to talk smack, it’s during a free agent auction when 480 players are already rostered. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe you end up with a trade partner out of the deal.
Remember your limits: Like eating a bunch of potato chips right before dinner, don’t load your roster with long-shot players when you still have the rookie draft in the future, and know that a lot of valuable players are picked up after the rookie draft is over.

The most interesting player in this session is clearly Duron Carter. The son of Cris and CFL standout was signed by the Colts, so we know at least he has a solid QB. He’s up to $56, the top bid of the session by far. Interestingly enough, #2 is Jurrell Casey ($32), so #teamidp is in force.

Top bids from 2014? Rashad Jennings went for $49 (team that won him subsequently left the league). Jerrel Jernigan went for $25, and his 6.7 yards per catch and -2 yards per carry (one carry, possibly worth firing an OC over) were legendary. One example of “you never know” with auctions: I paid the same $7 for Charles Johnson (WR Vikings version) and Michael Ford. One guy actually started for me last year and the other didn’t make an NFL roster.

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