The NFL Allows Trades?

The Twitter caught fire last night upon news that the Eagles traded LeSean McCoy to the Bills for Kiko “Man” Alonso. This trade showed off a few interesting details about the league:

– Chip Kelly really has personnel control
– Rumors about McCoy having health issues or not “fitting in with the program” may have been a little more concrete
– Chris Polk’s value just skyrocketed, if only temporarily
– The Bills still don’t have a QB
– Didn’t this feel like an NBA trade, where teams virtually give away overpaid players?
– DeMarco Murray has to be sweating this out big-time, as the era of the overpaid RB is clearly finished
– C.J. Spiller apparently hasn’t retired
– The streak of consecutive years of being able to steal Fred Jackson in the 8th round is over
– Is Rex Ryan starting at QB for the Bills?
– Kiko must have a super-strong new ACL
– Did you know Alonso went to Oregon?
– We all wish the NFL would make trades like this more often

You want actual learned commentary? Try out Eric “Diet Coke” Olinger’s take at DLF. If you want to hit the IDP side, check out Jeff Ratcliffe’s treatise.

When a player’s tried for murder or gets caught in an embarrassing video, teams allow fans to exchange the jersey. Is the same courtesy afforded if a player is traded? You would have felt “safe” buying an Alonso jersey after his rookie year. Now, you are toast, and must fork over $100 for a “replica” made out of used soda bottles for the next guy.

McCoy was phased out of the passing game in Philadelphia, so “shareholders” of the Pitt back have to be happy about that. Him leaving one of the best offenses in the league is a downer, plus the nagging feeling that last year was the beginning of the end of a usual short-lived RB career.

I have Alonso in my IDP, and if I ranked, I doubt he’d move up or down with any significance.

I do have to point out that I made fun of Zealots 34 two-time champ (you’ve won the league as many times as I have) Brian Henry when he selected Chris Polk in the second round of our rookie draft. It was the highest a rookie had been selected in rookie draft history (since topped by Isaiah Crowell in 2014 at pick 2.01) and for a time 7th-round pick Bryce Brown, who I selected in the 6th round of that rookie draft, appeared to be the heir apparent. Brown was traded away and now appears to be on the dynasty milk carton.

I did attempt a maneuver that should be known as “scooping the box” for all future dynasty leagues. I immediately put a free-agent bid out for one Kenjon Barner (guess what school he attended), who’s now the team’s RB3. He’s on a futures contract, which comes with a guarantee large enough to buy a foot-long (on sale) at Subway.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.08.00 AM

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about my scintillating dynasty free-agent pickups. Good thing there’s some real news to bury it. During our free agency, we all drop to 40 players and put 8 up as “restricted free agents”. We then bid on players and if someone else bids on our “RFA”, we get the cash, measured in “zbucks”.

So far I’ve picked up:

Da’Rick Rogers: Total roster chum most likely
Prince Amukamara: Note that I let all my DBs go so I need bodies
Mike Adams: Ditto
Jairus Byrd: Tough name to spell
Rodney McLeod: zbucks burning a hole in my pocket
Josh McCown: Because locking down the Browns’ QB gig = championship

You have to restrain yourself a bit, as there are still rookies to add to rosters in May and most of these guys will be back on the waiver life, living that hard-knock dynasty league life.

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