Going for 2: Day Drinking and Night Beards Edition

Do we value the things in life that are hard-earned more? I’m not sure, but I know getting last night’s show going was a pain. We couldn’t get guests scheduled for the usual Wednesday show, and on Thursday night I spent about 15 minutes getting Brian into a “test” Google + hangout room then it was another seemingly endless stretch punctuated by Brian’s unique salty language getting him into the live room.

Yeah, Brian wrote about the trade for Football Savages. What a perfect marriage of site name and writer.

Yeah, we’re talking about Brian Quinlan aka The Street FA, aka my dream drinking buddy along with Ken aka Dexter’s Library. I’d die trying to keep up with them but oh what a way to go.

During my “evolution” as a football fan, I’ve lived and died less from my personal rooting interests and that’s made me a healthier person overall. I think Brian’s that way about the Bills as well. Let’s root for a team but not make it the most critical thing in the world, especially since losing happens more often than not.

He did take me back when talking about how the Bills would routinely crush the Dolphins when he lived in South Florida. The show is below.

I can’t emphasize this enough. The Bills play at the Titans in Nashville next fall, and while the game will suck, the pregame drinking will be Hall of Fame level when Brian comes up.

I mentioned the LeSean McCoy trade in a previous post. RB is so devalued right now in fantasy and real football. He’s still an elite talent even if the Buffalo OL is less than ideal.

The Matt Cassel deal showed how odd the QB market is. The top-tier guys are impossible to get unless you luck into one in the draft. The middle class is a vast wasteland for the most part. Does Cassel owe Bernard Pollard $20 million, and is he the only 7th-round pick in NFL history to be traded twice?

Brian’s right. The defense was just fine last year and with Rex, will continue to be amazing.

Sharona sneaks in there with some next-level questions as always. She wrote about a video game, assuming it’s not the sequel to Pong, so check that out.

Day drinking makes a podcast go by much smoother, as does having that “backup beer”.

Beers for the show: Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale and Winter Ale. I hear they have a “Really Old Brown Dog Ale” and I wants.

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