Life Its Ownself: Three Weeks

About the title: One of my favorite authors from my college age was Dan Jenkins. He is a Texan who likes to write about football, golf, and the people who cover such events. One of his books has the title Life Its Ownself, about a football player who has to figure out what to do with his life after tearing his ACL (written in the early 80s when an ACL injury was more grim than today).

Zach wears tiny Missouri hat to show off his huge noggin

Zach has a huge noggin or a small hat.

When you’re at home all day, you can make up your own rules when it comes to meal times and what you eat. Oh wait, that’s called being an adult. On Thursday, I ate masaman curry for breakfast, red beans and rice for lunch and upon coming home from an oil change (I’m on errand duty now), I decided to go for a meatball sandwich.

Every other week I make my “Sunday gravy”. I start with onions, garlic and basil in olive oil then put in the Italian crushed tomatoes, tomato paste and various herbs. After an hour, I finish it off with about a glass’s worth of red wine. I used to cook meatballs in the oven but now that I’m a Big Green Egg snob I cook them on a skillet in that wonderful contraption.

I had enough meatballs for a sandwich. I toasted some bread, did a little garlic and mozzarella cheese on one side, and warmed up the tupperware container of sauce. To prevent a microwave explosion, I left the lid on with a small gap for air to get in.

I was absent-minded when I opened the microwave. My hand grabbed the container, and the body reacted half a second faster than the mind. The steam coming out of the container was hot and burned my exposed middle finger. I dropped the container and red sauce exploded throughout the kitchen. It looked like a crime scene. I moved to the sink and ran cold water on the back of my hand and the front of my middle finger.

There I stood, nearly three weeks into joblessness with virtually no good leads, having burned my hand with pasta sauce. It wasn’t my greatest moment of self-esteem. I needed a moment to let out my frustration without having the bulk of the blame turn inward. You have to be good to yourself at all times, even when things seem bleak.

Other “highlights” of this three weeks:

– Borrowing my friend’s Super Mario Brothers Wii game (only played at night, pinky swear) and somehow injuring my hip while playing it one night.
– I’ve missed two days at the gym in three weeks, one due to that old-man hip.
– Every lunch I’ve had with friends/former co-workers/fellow life travelers who have been through the same shitty joblessness morass that I’m in.
– I’m writing a bit more, including a guest spot on my wife’s book blog. Yes, I slept with her to get the part.
– Another big help is Sharona avoiding the snowflakes in Nashville to continue our Going for 2 show. It’s been fun getting our weekly “special guest star” even though Google + could lead a man to drink (wait, is that bad?)
– I attended a Missouri alumni event at the CDC. The CDC museum we toured was, um, interesting, from a display on the amount of plastic in the ocean (a shit ton) to a history of infectious diseases in the country. I was famished after that. The organizer had the catering company bring in growlers of local beer, so instead of Stella I had a Wrecking Pub Oatmeal stout.

The bottom line is I did get a severance with this job elimination, so I’m not “broke” yet. I have time. I just need to use it a little more judiciously and avoid 200 degree red sauce on my hand. News you can use, eh?

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