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"Will Cardale jones be starting for Ohio State this year? Asking for a friend."

Most interviews begin with the scientific process of “have I talked to this guy/gal yet?” With Nathan Powell, renaissance man, Mike Evans superfan and ‘Merican, it was a Friday night exchange on Twitter, no doubt fueled by booze and a recent Super Mario Brothers on Wii binge. Mr. Powell is so young that he’d draft himself in a dynasty league, as he is an ascending talent.

Nathan Powell is a bad dude.

Nathan Powell is a bad dude.

How’d you get into fantasy football writing? Back in 2013, I used Twitter intermittently to communicate with friends and follow various sports accounts. Alan Satterlee tweeted out that Fantasy Football Warehouse was looking for new writers, I love to write and I love fantasy football, so I figured it was a perfect match. From a young age, I was told if I wanted to have a career in writing, I would have to write, write and write some more, and this gave me my first real chance to be a published writer. [Zach note: Get ’em young.]

Can you recall fantasy football before Mike Evans? What’s it like having such a potent dynasty asset on your personal team? Fantasy football without Mike Evans was a dark, dark place. A combination of homerism and #TeamBigWR truthing led me to having my fair share of Mike Evans shares in dynasty. Whenever I’m having a rough day, my Mike Evans shares are there to cheer me up.

I’m assuming you’re a Bucs fan. Creamsicle? Did that Super Bowl win happen or was it a mass hallucination? What do you think about Jameis/Lovie and has anyone lost their fantasy value faster than Doug Martin? Yessir. Creamsicle? No. I was born in 1993 and the Bucs jettisoned those uniforms in 1997. The Super Bowl win in 2003 seems like a lifetime ago, and it kinda is because my football fandom didn’t really start until the year after the Super Bowl win. The Bucs have never really had a franchise quarterback, with two options at the top of the draft in Winston/Mariota, I’d be happy with either but a Jameis/Evans combo for the next 5-10 years sounds great for fake and real football. Let’s hope that Lovie doesn’t screw it up. [Zach note: Rex Grossman shakes his head sadly.] The dynasty demise of Doug Martin is a bit weird. It is tough to tell whether he was a one-year wonder or he has just had everything go wrong the last two years- coaching/injuries/offensive line issues. 2015 will be telling for the career of Martin as long as he is able to stay healthy.

Will there ever be a class like the 2014 WR class? No. So much awesomeness in one class at one position. It was so awesome. Except for the fact that I have 0 Odell Beckham Jr. shares. The class was loaded at the top with 3 top 15 NFL receivers with another 8-10 receivers who will make an impact on dynasty teams in 2015.

What is your “beat” with DLF? I cover just about whatever comes into my head. I like to expand my readers thinking on the dynasty landscape, focusing on concepts, strategy among other things.

Is DynastyDudez the bestest show of them all?
Yes. [Zach note: Check it out.]

Remember that one week when USF was #2 in the BCS? What happened to this sort-of never proud program? I do. I do. What happened? You need good quarterbacking/head coaching to be successful in college football and those two things have been less than mediocre since that astronomic rise to #2 in the nation.

Are there players in dynasty that you’re begging people to trade away before their value craters? What about buy-low opportunities? I’m known as an ageist by many of my Twitter followers, I often struggle with the questions “sell high” or “buy low”, because most of my savvy leaguemates aren’t buying high or selling low.

Guys I’m buying low:
Justin Hunter- Remember when receivers weren’t supposed to breakout until year 3? This is year 3. [Zach note: My one share cries.]
Tyler Eifert-Rookie tight ends never have any success and Eifert lost his sophomore campaign to injuries. Year 3 should be fruitful for his dynasty owners.

Selling high:
Players 27 or older with a top 50 ADP: Couldn’t think of anyone specific, so I thought I’d steer into the skid of my ageism. Nearly every player 27 or older in the top 50 will lose value in the next 12 months, it’s just a part of beast that is the dynasty stock market. If I’m not competing this year, I’m selling all of these players, in startups, I tend to value appreciating assets much more than depreciating ones in the first 10 rounds.

Were you really born in the 90s? I’m going to cry now. My birth certificate confirms that I was.

The spouse question: Does your wife/sig other/girlfriend have any issues with your football obsession? My imaginary girlfriend tells me to delete my twitter at least once per week.

Football or sex: Which do you think of more? Definitely sex [Zach note: I would be an ageist if I expected another answer.]

What’s your usual Sunday football tradition? Is there a go-to beer? There is not much movement from me on Sundays. I’m on the couch watching football 94.65% of the time, with the rest of my Sunday spent at the computer watching fantasy scores and getting up to get whatever cheap beer I can afford that week.

Which football writers are on your must-read list? Oh man, there are so many. Many of them are at DLF. Ryan McDowell has always been my favorite writers in the industry. I got a little starstruck when we had him on Dynasty Dudez tbh. Other great writers that I try to read everything they put out- Denny Carter, JJ Zachariason, Rich Hribar and of course Salvatore Stefanile. [Zach note: May mister 2 QBs rest in real-life peace.]

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. This is a tough question because both my main hobby and career goal involve writing/football. I like to go out drinking with friends and I’ve been known to watch all sorts of terrible sitcoms that no one likes but me.

Is there anything I failed to ask that you want to address?
@FFAaroneous is a jerk.

Is there anything you’d like to ask me? Why don’t you spell your name Zak? That’s the way my childhood best friend spells it. [Zach note: Now that’s just a low blow, Nethung.]

Let me know about any sites/podcasts/contests that you’d like to ‘plug’. The DLF pod is always a good listen. Also Rotoviz radio and the Faked Goods whenever they get back rolling.

Thanks again Nathan for answering my questions. Follow him on Twitter.

If you want to check out my previous fantasy football interviews, check out There Still Is No Offseason: Interviews 51-100 of the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert series.

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