Going for 2: Younger Than Jerseys Edition

I’m not 100% sure that the Frank Thomas jersey in my man cave is actually older than Nathan Powell. I custom-ordered the jersey for a birthday during my college years which were 1992-1996. The jersey was my favorite and first and I “retired” it for a place on the Man Cave Wall of Good Sports Players.

I haven’t known Nathan that long (I’ve only known him as “npowellff”, not his wild and crazy “npowelldfw” persona), but he’s all balls in my estimation. Not only did the early 20something (didn’t check his ID, Matt) pull out a couple of Magic Hat beers.

We couldn’t get through the show without some Sharona lawyer-talk about the Greg Hardy case, seeing as he was signed by the Cowboys in an interesting incentive-laden contract on March 18. We also chatted about:

– A nice segue from the NFL’s domestic violence “make it up as you go along” policy to Michael Sam on Dancing with the Stars. I pulled a muscle patting myself on the back for that one.

– Whether Chris Borland’s retirement is a one-off or a harbinger of end times. It can only be one of the two.

– Rookie derangement syndrome and last year’s amazing class.

– DLFers sent Nathan questions that made us question whether they like him or hate him (jury’s out).

– Why he and FFAaroneous are “frenemies”.

Before I post a link to the show, here’s the soon to be infamous video of Nathan doing some football drills as a high schooler called Nathan vs. Football (not a spoiler to guess who won):

And the show:

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