Ask Your Fantasy Football Not Fan of Nathan: FFAaroneous of DLF

"It’s fun to say the same thing over and over and think you’ve discovered a new line of thinking each and every day."

He’s a lawyer, going incognito and not in the bad football and locker-room sense in our fantasy football world. After Nathan called him out in the most recent interview, I had to allow “FFAaroneous” to strike back. I’m using that name to save his superhero identity.

He's the first name I think of when it's time for fantasy glory.

How’d you get into fantasy writing? Are you going to stop teasing your audience with tweets only and get back into the grind? Friend of mine linked me to a forum post on DynastyFootballWarehouse where they were looking for someone to do rookie rankings. I sent an email in and offered to do them. That lead to doing a couple podcasts for DFW and starting to write some articles and eventually landing at Sportable and I’m hoping to get back to writing here soon – some of the real world has gotten in the way, but I owe it to some to get back to it.

Does your current Boston locale mean Pats fan? Are you an insufferable Pats fan or a really insufferable Pats fan? Do Pats fans have any inkling of how life will suck once Brady/Belichick are out of the mix? Definitely Pats fan, although I think I’m generally on the less insufferable side of the scale. I know how annoyed I get by some fans out here, can’t imagine if I didn’t also have all the wins to help with the frustrations. [Zach note: Tom Brady jumping off a cliff, y’all.]

How long have you hated Nathan Powell? Is it because of his sweet on-field football moves? Ever since he tried to tell me that Marqise Lee is better than Allen Robinson…. the football moves haven’t helped things. When I see him on the field all I can think of is Trent Richardson’s ability to run North and South and Cordarrelle Patterson’s route running skills.

You do understand that wearing a tie in your avatar makes you in the 1% of best-dressed fantasy football related accounts, right? What’s the day job? Hah! I work as an attorney for the 9-5 job. Gotta look the part on all fronts.

With the Chris Borland news, is football over? Should we cancel everything and invest in fantasy curling? You need to get ahead of the curve, Zach. I invested in fantasy curling 4 ½ years ago. Clearly the next big thing. Waiting for DFS to take it on and then I’ll truly be swimming in the cash flow. [Zach note: I know Fantasy Douche just said “hmm…”]

Do you have a preferred style of fantasy football play? I’m guessing not redraft, probably dynasty or DFS. I find dynasty to be the most fun while DFS is the most profitable. I’m pretty even between the two in terms of my preferences, but I do still consistently play some MFL10s and redraft leagues because there’s a pretty strong return on investment there. All of that being taken into account, there’s something to be said for running that initial startup draft in a dynasty league and working trades/trash talk with other industry folk. Really some of the most fun you can have in fantasy football.

The spouse question: Does your girlfriend have any issues with your football obsession? My girlfriend gives me loads of crap for the amount of time I spend with fantasy sports/watching sports/talking about sports. When we first started dating the Bruins were in the playoffs and the Red Sox were on the way to winning the World Series. She thought that was going to be the hard part… and then the NFL season started. [Zach note: The whole offseason thing…overrated]

Football or sex: Which do you think of more? I plead the 5th.

What’s your usual Sunday football tradition? Is there a go-to beer? Believe it or not, I actually spend a good portion of my Sundays at my kickball league games. I surround my games by typically sitting in my chair and watching as many games as I can on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, etc. and have been finding myself drinking mostly Pumpkinhead beer. Been trying to branch out a bit more but that’s been my go to along with Yuengling. [Zach note: Stretch out those beer muscles.]

Which football writers are on your must-read list? Evan Silva and Matt Harmon. I read a number of other people, but for football takes that aren’t necessarily from the fantasy perspective, those are my top two. My DFS list is a bit different.

Tell me about a hobby/interest outside of football. As I already said, I play in a kickball league. I also have taken to brewing my own beer which is a heck of a lot of fun.

Is there anything I failed to ask that you want to address? Haha, I’m sure I took up enough of your time as is. I’m sure I could add a bit more about Nathan, but we’ll save that for another time . . .

Let me know about any of your sites/podcasts/contests that you’d like to ‘plug’.
I’m not too big on the plugging but check out the DLF podcast and the DynastyDudez show. Beyond that, follow me on Twitter!

If you want to check out my previous fantasy football interviews, check out The There Is No Off Season Series.

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