Life Its Ownself: Double Interview Edition

When I originally started this “journey” two months ago, I wondered where I’d be if I made it to April without a gig. It turns out, I made it.

Yesterday was fun and by that I mean the opposite when I had two different interviews, one at 10 a.m. and the other at 4 p.m. I’m not saying that I totally despise the interview process, just that it’s hard for me not only to talk about myself but “package” myself as what Michael Penn would much better say “The Perfect Candidate.”

Quick aside: I absolutely adored about everything that Michael Penn ever produced. If you wonder where he went, he’s doing music for TV shows now, most prominently Girls.

I spent the weekend studying for two different tests, in a way. By Tuesday morning, it was too late. I was going in and what happened, happened.

As long-time readers know, I like to ask questions. I’m not as fond of answering them. It’s not 100% because I think I’m unworthy of being known or I’m afraid of what might come out of my mouth (maybe 5% on that count), it’s that I want to know the other person. That’s the ultimate key and ironically the hardest thing to figure out in this process. You’re signing up to spend a third of your life (maybe more) with this person who’s asking questions, and that’s a big deal.

Both interviews went well enough, and the great news is that I should get an answer fairly soon. The hardest part of this whole process is the waiting. You try to equate it to dating, but if you’re dating someone, they don’t end the date by telling you about the other people they’re dating. That’s a good way to pop the intimacy bubble you’ve created in the past hour or so of conversation.

After getting home from the double interview, happy that it’s spring break week in Atlanta so the traffic isn’t dreadful, I cracked open one of my prized bombers. My “beer cooler” is actually full, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to have a Trader Joe’s 2014 Vintage Ale. I made a Twitter friend a real friend this week and Jason Dominy gave me two of his favorite things, coffee and beer. The new bomber forced out one of the old, and if you think it was just an excuse to drink, I don’t need excuses.

TJ Vintage Ale aka yum

Let’s Trader Joe it

I joked when this life transition occurred about panicking. It never really settled in and I don’t think I have the constitution for prolonged panicking. I’m too much of an even-keel person, well most of the time. It’s a constant state of flux, knowing that one day you’re getting crickets and the next, multiple interviews. You try to adjust as best as possible.

It’s quite possible that I get no job offers out of yesterday. In a world full of binary situations, it’s either I have a job or I don’t. That’s the bottom line. I’ll keep searching. I was able to “sell” myself for two jobs that are in the same ballpark but have very different job descriptions. I know I’m being vague but I’m going to play it that way until I have more concrete information.

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