Friday Roundup: Fantasy Football, Real Football

I thought I’d put some thoughts together about the current fantasy football landscape as we’re in a bit of a lull with the draft 20 days away.

The Mariota-Winston horse race isn’t that intriguing. The Mike Freeman article about NFL teams investigating Jameis Winston more closely than perhaps any draft prospect in history, that’s my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter and my peanuts.

I had lunch with my friend who I defeated in our local league for my first title in that league since 2003. It was fun to recall the year. To look back at the records at the end of the year and see my team at 9-7, only half a game out of last place, puts it in perspective. In fantasy you have to get hot at the right time, and the fact that I lost to Chuck by 61 points in Week 1 and beat him by 51 to win the title 15 weeks later, it’s pretty darn sweet.

Chuck went to Vanderbilt so I got him a Vandy CWS National Champs shirt, since Vandy has exactly one more national title than my Missouri Tigers.

It’s good to see vets like Rob Housler and Stevan Ridley get that second contract. Will they be valuable fantasy assets this fall? Most likely, no.

It was delayed, but I listened to the first edition of the Rummy and Ray podcast. Nice intro music by “Ty in St. Louis”. Ray as the “play by play” and Rummy as “color commentary”: as it should be. I made fun of podcasts that take some time off, but honestly, there isn’t a ton to talk about outside of the draft. We have time.

Rummy and Ray, another must-listen 'cast

Twitter sure jumped all over itself trying to make jokes about the NFL announcing the preseason schedule, while jumping on the bandwagon and proving that the NFL rules the world.

Let me give another shout-out to Matt and Jon of the RotoViz Radio podcast. They always get interesting guests and are so excited about finding the next Kevin Kasper.

I finished an epic FatKat-sponsored mock draft, the longest draft (30 rounds) I’ve done since my initial dynasty draft which was almost ten years ago. It was IDP and I don’t think I drafted enough on that side (3 DE/5 LB/3 DB), and I only took one kicker but come on, they are kickers. It will be fun to see how I do against “Aaron Rodgers with the 4th overall pick” Sharona.

I’ll take a quick look at my dynasty team. Other than Josh Hill, who probably has a “sell high” sticker on his back right now, nobody’s jumping up in value. At least Denarius Moore has a gig, which we can’t say for Michael Crabtree. I had four first-round picks from 2008-2009 and only Crabby is still on my roster. But he’s not on an NFL roster.

Look for my interview with Ray Summerlin next week. He’s a Titans fan, poor dear. Good thing he can write about the other 31 teams on Rotoworld.

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