Beer of the Week: Utah Brews Beer?

Seeing as I drink a lot of the stuff, it makes sense that I would write about my beer “adventure” or “journey” since there’s a nice intersection in the Venn diagram between fantasy football and beer. We’re talking real beer, not the kind that you see in commercials.

Zach and Jason

I have beard jealousy.

A couple of weeks ago, I met an online friend in person. His name is Jason Dominy and the man has coffee flowing through his veins. Our meeting was at the agency where he’s social media wizard, and it was at 9 a.m. so I drank coffee instead of beer. He gave me a bomber.

I have a love/like but just as friends relationship with bombers. I’d rate beer the following way: Draft at the source, draft at a bar, bottles, bombers, growlers, cans, death by a thousand paper cuts, Bud Lite Mango-a-Rita. There are two issues with bombers. One is once you open it, you’re drinking it all. Most bombers are 750 ml or 25.4 ounces, so about the size of two beers. If you’re drinking something high gravity, that could be a lot for one sitting. Plus, most are somewhat expensive. The Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale that I really like went for $5, now $6 as of the last batch, and that’s cheap. You do the math and realize that a “cheap” bomber’s about a $20 six-pack.

Another aspect of bombers is aging. Now, I can age a normal 12-ounce beer, but I’ve never done that. I made my “wine fridge” into a “beer fridge” and took out the dividers so I can have my beers upright. Aging beer is tough for me because when I run out, it’s hard to not hit that stock.

I was tempted to “age” the bomber but instead I “drank” it.

Beer of the Week (first edition)

Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout, Epic Brewing

Baptist Imperial Stout from Epic Brewing

It really is epic.

Just the name of the beer could be a full description without my flourishes. It’s “stout with cocoa nibs and coffee added and aged in whiskey barrels”. According to the site, each release number (this was 45) has a different dark roasted coffee. For a coffee maniac like Jason, this was a dream beer.

I don’t always know exactly where my beer comes from. This was my first beer from a Utah brewery. The page says the beer was brewed in Denver so I guess I’m still waiting to have my first Utah beer. The #44 says it was brewed in Salt Lake City so I doubt there’s a limit on alcohol content allowed in the state’s beers.

I won’t list the grains/malts and all that good stuff because you can go to the link. It’s 10.9% ABV, so sip.

I’m used to stouts being the color of motor oil, so I was surprised when this one poured amber. I worried that the coffee would overpower the rest of the flavors. It didn’t. One issue I have with beer aged in a stronger booze’s barrels is that the alcohol content wins. I had a version of Wild Heaven’s Ode to Mercy (a brown ale) aged in tequila barrels. Tequila won the day. In this case, it’s the booze and the whiskey that I tasted more than the flavor notes (coffee, cocoa nibs) promised on the bottle. I’d like to try it without the barrels.

For an almost 11% beer, it was a smooth drink. Perhaps that was because I was talking football. I must get out West and try some more from this brewery, as I haven’t seen any of its offerings at my local giant beer store.

Next week: Zach continues his obsession with the Gose style and dives into the “mixed sixer”.

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