Going for 2: NFL Hates the Tax Man Too Edition

We had another two-person edition of the Going for 2 show. Sharona predictably rolled her eyes at Peter King’s “on the field only” comments about Darren Sharper’s Hall of Fame eligibility. It’s an issue draftniks have to tackle with players like Jameis Winston or Dorial Green-Beckham but most go the Deion Sanders route. Off-the-field concerns are always going to be part of scouting a player, past, present, or future. Hall of Fame rules be damned.

Sharona again looks like the superior beer drinker with her tankard of Barista Brew from Blackstone while I had an Orpheus Tart Plum Saison and a Victory Sour Cherry Gose. I am man enough to drink a pink beer. Fun show topics:

Sharona explains slang, this week we hit the term “throwing shade”. It’s not exactly what I thought.

We talked a little about mighty RotoPat’s review of NFL general managers, and we’re not surprised who finished in last place.

I find the Philip Rivers to Tennessee rumor intriguing even if it’s most likely BS. The Titans could only make a deal with him with a contract extension in place. Note that NFL players lose their value like new cars when you pull out of the lot. The idea that a guy who’s probably going to exceed 40,000 career passing yards this season’s worth the same as the #2 pick is kind of laughable. He’ll turn 34 this year, and probably can play four more quality years. Sure he’s not a scrambler and the Titans aren’t great at OL but neither have the Chargers.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Here’s the show.

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