Ask Your Fantasy Football Draft Server: Dexter’s Library

I’ve been less engaged in the draft process this year. It’s been a bit secondary to the endless job search and best left to the more obsessive than me. Still, I found a good opening for a guest today for a few reasons. I have a contract gig and while waiting for a response I found some time to talk to Ken who is still called Dexter’s Library on Twitter even though he hasn’t posted on that site since last year’s Super Bowl. He’s been busy, plus he writes at Bro Jackson and those posts generally have nothing to do with football but are still fascinating if you’re into specialty cocktails and literature. Funny how those two end up linked together.

We covered:

Some of his quotes from our original interview which was in 2011. He still stands by them.

What Chicago is like on draft weekend (it’s a big city, can handle multiple events like this).

What the Packers are going to do, like draft an OL or DL nobody ever hears from again and go 12-4.

Traveling to games. We met the last time the Bears came to Nashville and curb-stomped the Titans. I’m trying to get Ken and Brian (you know that would be epic) to Nashville for the Bills-Titans game on October 11 (the game would be not epic).

Bartending, whisky, what to drink, Tinder (I bet he could do an hour on 21st century dating), and all that jazz.

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