Fantasy Files: 2015 Rookie Dynasty Draft Roundup

I realized that I did my Levels of Dynasty Fantasy Football without having a proper rookie roundup, without which I may lose my nonexistant FSWA card.

I’ll post my picks because I’m narcissistic, then we can talk “interesting” picks and list all the trades because that’s fun.

1.04: Kevin White — I’ll be honest here. Either he’s going to be Brandon Marshall plus top-end speed, or his one-year-wonder status will doom me.
2.04: Duke Johnson — The masses assess that he’s a third-down back only and the love affair for Isaiah Crowell will not die. I think Duke has a decent shot, say 40%, of being “the guy” in Cleveland by the end of 2014. I once drafted Montario Hardesty.
3.02: Javorius Allen — Justin Forsett had one glorious year in the sun, and Marc Trestman, “the freshmaker” is in town.
3.04: Tyler Lockett — It’s sad that I’m leaning on Lockett’s “locked down” KR/PR role for fantasy value. I won’t listen to RotoViz and assume that he’s the next TY Hilton/Antonio Brown and not the next Yamon Figurs. Plus I annoyed Josh Norris.
3.07: Josh Robinson — The upside is I have the Dan Herron/Josh Robinson situation locked down because old people suck. The downside is he’s a sixth-round pick and could be replaced as early as 2016. FYI: I once took Cedric Peerman in the second round.
4.04: Denzel Perryman — I hit gold with C.J. Mosley last year so hello bust.
5.04: Traded for the pick that was Jeff Janis last year and if that doesn’t work out I’m going to find you, Davis Mattek and I’m buying you a cigar.
6.04: Jake Ryan — He has a “man” name, probably will start immediately and make people forget all about Clay Matthews.

Now, validate me. Great.

Because we immediately moved from a draft to auction (for remaining free agents), it’s hard to get the draft link (MFL lets you see a draft or an auction, not both at the same time) and I’ll have to depend on my somewhat trusty Google Doc for results. Here are the “interesting” picks:

1.10: Jay Ajayi — Note that the owner traded up to get this pick and I doubt he was taken in the first round more than 10% of the time. Ajayi had some Matt Forte comparisons before the draft but his knee will explode unless the bus stays above 50 miles an hour.
1.11: Breshad Perriman — He’s getting Torrey Smith comparisons, and nobody’s ever gotten a fantasy boner regarding Smith, but that’s #rookiederangementsyndrome for you.
2.03: Maxx Williams — I so wanted Williams even though my TE position is fine.
2.07: Eric Kendricks — First IDP
2.09: Jeff Heuereman — Assumption is the selector didn’t know that the Ohio State product was (1) a blocking TE in college and (2) tore his ACL in rookie minicamp. At least he can go on IR
2.10: Devin Funchess — So “un”beloved during the pre-draft process, so “he landed in a good spot” after.
2.11: Phillip Dorsett — Odd that a Colts skill position guy fell this far but in dynasty there’s a premium on immediate returns.
4.05: Tre McBride — What’s this, a Titans’ 7th-round rookie pick with buzz?
4.06: Dante Fowler — Probably picked this early due to the IR spots. Would he have been a third-rounder if healthy?
5.04: Brett Hundley — Because I traded the pick.
5.06: Zach Zenner — The guy I would have taken with 5.04.
6.03: Darren Waller — Proof that I’m a fantasy skeptic, I won’t turn down a Ravens player unless some bastage takes him one pick before me.
6.12: Mario Edwards — Always good to see who’s taken last.

Let’s cover trades made during the rookie draft.

1. Tre Mason + Larry Fitzgerald + 2015 1.10 + 2016 1st round pick for Brandin Cooks + 2016 2nd round pick — Somebody likes Cooks. Pick went for Jay Ajayi.
2. Adrian Peterson for 1.12 + 3.02 + 2016 4th round pick — Someone offered me ADP for 1.04. I once traded 1.04 for one year of Tiki Barber. Considering the relative low value of the picks I’ll go with ADP even for one year.
3. 2.10 for 3.02 + 3.07 — I took this deal. I could have taken Funchess or Dorsett, instead I got Buck Allen and Josh Robinson, two long-shot RBs. One better hit.
4. 3.05 for 4.02 + 4.07 — When I took Tyler Lockett out of poor Josh Norris’s hands, he traded down. Trade now is Vic Beasley for Benadrick McKinley + Mike Davis.
5. Roddy White for Peyton Manning — A year ago this was a laughable deal. A year later it’s probably a nap for nap deal.
6. Mike Glennon + John Brown for Bishop Sankey + Marquess Wilson — I’m not even sure who the top player is in this deal. I guess it’s Brown but he probably never will be higher than WR2 in Arizona.
7. Mike Davis + Brandon LaFell + Kenny Stills for Ryan Mallett + Allen Robinson — You know Josh Norris was the recipient of Robinson here. I rate him the top guy in the deal, thus the win.
8. Vernon Davis + 2016 2nd-round pick for Tyler Eifert + 2016 6th round pick: Yep, Vernon’s so undervalued that an always-injured but young guy is worth more. Davis is the highest rookie pick ever for a TE, 1.06.

My post-draft free agents were Malcolm Brown, Trey Williams, Bud Sasser, Tyrell Williams and Mike Daniels. Hail to the non-champs.


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